First page mostly done

For June I had four goals… I ended up only doing two of them… oh well… so first goal was to complete Cirque des Carreaux, which is done.

Second goal was to finish completely the first page of Water Goddess, which I managed to get pretty much done tonight – there are a few beads missing as they swirl onto another page, and a dragonfly which is counted from the beads left to do, but once I get the bottom page done they won’t take long to do.


Third goal was to get the border done on Misty Morning Vineyard – only put in about 100 stitches on that – so still progressing but not that fast, and finally goal was to stitch the wings on Lily – which didn’t get done. Again I think I progressed on her but only added about 100-200 stitches overall.


Stash… again…

No stitching tonight. Went out to dinner and came home tired.

Instead, I got home and found the fabric I ordered to dye:

The rest of the skeins for Watergarden – here are all the skeins, beads and specialty threads kitted up:


And some spools – PB Red, Old Maid of the Tempest, and a custom colour


Books and books…

I just requested 3 Joan Elliot books from the library – A Cross Stitcher’s Oriental Odyssey, A Women’s World in Cross stitch, and Bewitching Cross Stitch.

There is at least one design I want to look at in all of them.
In “A Women’s World in Cross Stitch” there is the Sea Goddess:
Sea Goddess

Oriental Odyssey has three ladies that are very pretty:
Oriental Grace

Oriental Beauty

Oriental Wisdom

I have seen some cute little designs from Bewitching Cross stitch, so no photos of big designs.

I was also contemplating a few of her kits – not in a hurry to buy them but I really like
Garden Geisha:
Joan Elliot Blue Geisha
(nothing like my continuing aqua and purple addiction!!!)
Rose Lady:
Rose Lady

Beading Water Goddess

Gosh there are quite a few scattered beads…

Overall I have done almost all of the top right hand page, plus a bit extra:
watergoddess,joan elliot

watergoddess,joan elliot

Close up of some of the backstitch:
watergoddess,joan elliot

watergoddess,joan elliot

watergoddess,joan elliot

Backstitch on her corset:
watergoddess,joan elliot

Please join me…

For this dance!!! It is a very happy one!!!

Without flash:
cirque des carreaux

With flash
cirque des carreaux

Left half
cirque des carreaux

Right half:
cirque des carreaux

Third finish for 2010 😀

I can’t stay up stitching…

No matter how tempting…. as there is so little to do….
cirque des carreaux

It is almost very nearly complete:

cirque des carreaux

So that will be goal 1 for June done….


Just 10 little diamonds and 2 motifs to go…

cirque des carreaux

An old finish.

This is a finish from 2008. I thought I would share. It was a present for my father:


Cirque and Lily

I was awake way too late stitching this last night, and some would say tonight (although I did have the tv on a silly movie or two…) and it is almost done:
cirque des carreaux

cirque des carreaux

cirque des carreaux

cirque des carreaux

cirque des carreaux

And the bit I did on Lily the other night:
lily,nora corbett


I pulled out Lily tonight and put about 150-200 stitches in her. She seems to go very slowly, and I am not sure why. Possibly because there are quite a few colour changes in her. I am working on her wings – trying to get them done by the end of June.

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