A walk back through time…

I went back to my family’s house for Christmas and my Mum
pulled out my finishes that have been kept from when I was first
starting, through high school and beyond. I, of course, had to take
photos of different pieces I have done. First piece ever –
Bluebells – this was stitched when I was about 10 or 11. I was self
taught and so not all the x’s went in the same direction… 1989 The centre marking was drawn on
in pencil. 1989 I *think* this was my second
piece: 1990s In about year 10 or so (14
years old) I started the whales. I didn’t know about finishing
then, so I am not sure how I am going to finish it as there is no
fabric to do anything with. I am thinking about stitching it to a
scroll somehow… 1996 And a few other bits and
pieces: 1990s 1990s 1990s I don’t have all my pieces I
have stitched photographed. I did a heap of Australiana ones in
1997 and they were all gifts. I have done a few for my sister and
her children too. Unfortunately though, someone has lost the
birthday sampler I did for my oldest nephew. He is very upset about
it 😦 snow leopard I have decided that I
am going to stitch him another piece from the same collection – the
Ocelot – seen here: Ocelot
While on holidays I did get a little stitching done: A bit of Fairy
Moon: fairy moon And Papillon Creations

I have done absolutely no stitching

These past two evenings… today I was thinking about pulling out my HAED – Doorway to the stars but it didn’t happen.

Instead, I was back contemplating colours that I wanted from Enchanted Fabrics seeing as it is reopening on the 17th for 2 weeks, and starting to think about what I want to stitch while I take a week and a half off work…I am having a stay at home holiday, not so I can get some stitching done, but stitching will get done.

I want to set myself a bit of a goal for that time – finishing Mermaids is one – that shouldn’t take long now, and I probably can get most of one of the tails done over the weekend… Maybe get them finished before then…

I also want to do some more stitching on Cirque des Carreaux… its half done. I really like my colour combo and haven’t stitched on it for a while.

I also need to finish frogging my Papillion Creations MSAL and catch up. Actually that might be my first goal. I am far, far behind because of one silly mistake. Mind you, the next parts aren’t very big, so they shouldn’t require *that* much to catch up. I just hate frogging!!!

So my temporary goals are
1. Catch up PC MSAL
2. Finish Mermaids of the Deep Blue
3. At least 3 motifs/ diamonds on CdCx.
4. Frog the spot sampler and restitch
5. Aim to add at least 500 stitches to Sleeping Beauty.

Once the Mermaids are done, I am allowed to start something else. Most of the things I really want to start are on hold until I get my fabrics from EF, but I am sure I can work out one. I have a piece of Silkweaver Starquest, which isn’t earmarked for anything and I have been contemplating what to stitch on it.

Okay, what should I do as my next new start:
a) Papillion Creations Scherezade
b) Chatelaine Misty Morning Vineyard
c) Passione Ricamo My Lady of the Snow
d) Papillion Creations Years End
e) Mirabilia (on starquest lugana or Heaven Lee Creations SeaScape)-One of the following Mermaid of the Pearls, Waiting for Ships, Titania – I think WFS might look awesome on the seascape.
f) None of the above and keep working on your WiPs!

On another note, I was really hoping the post would be really kind to me and deliver my order from 123-stitch today, but it has only been 6 days, so I can’t expect miracles!


It takes approximately 2- 2.5 hours to stitch one side once the outsides are done… mostly because of all the colour changes.

PC MSAL 20.5

PC MSAL 20.5

PC MSAL 20.5

I really like Anagram designs at http://www.broderie.net

I started the freebie which is called Bonjour
Bonjour freebie

It should be a pretty quick stitch.

The next part of Papillon Creations MSAL is out. It is pretty! I want to start it.

I spent a couple of hours putting floss on bobbins.

sorting floss

sorting floss

I have about 2-300 more skeins to put on bobbins. Which include a gazillion doubles I am sure.

Todays round up so far:

Wiehenburg Spot Sampler MSAL: HDF Dragon Tongue
MSAL spot dragon's tongue

dragons tongue msal spot

Papillon Creations Heatwave

Stargazer – some beading done:
Stargazer 1st beads

The round-up

Stitching on Stargazer is done:
Stargazer finished stitching

Started Papillon Creations Heatwave:

PC Heatwave

Did a few little circles on CDC Dragon Opal:
CDC DO 30.4

And Finished the big circle on CDC Paua Abalone:
CDC PA 30.4

My current WiPs and WISPs

I have a huge lot of WiPs so to start off, here are the photos:

Mirabilia Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty 11th Jan
First Mirabilia ever – 14 count aida -bleh… but will finish it… as I have done so much!

Mirabilia Stargazer
Stargazer 29.3
Fabric – 32 count Lugana – Special dye

Mirabilia Winter Queen
Winter Queen 15.2.09

Mirabilia Blue Beards Princess (Mirabella)
Half the silks replaced by HDFs, my own choice of beads.

Mirabilia Cinderella
cindy 16/9
On 28ct Monaco, Enchanted Fabrics Dark Fury Flair

Ink Circles Growth Rings (From Just Cross Stitch Magazine)
GR 1.4
DMC 99 and 53 on 35ct over 2

Ink Circles Cirque de Cirque
CDC 1/4
In HDF Dragon Opal – 40ct over 2

Paua abalone cdc
In HDF Paua Abalone – 35ct over 2

Ink Circles Cirque de Triangles
CdT 19.2.9
HDF Russian Sage on HDF Green 35ct linen over 2 over 2

Papillon Creations MSAL:
PC MSAL part 1

HAED Doorway to the Stars (Josephine Wall)
1×1 on 22 count.

Misty Dreams The Well of My Desires:
well of my desires 25.2
1×1 22 count

Dragonfly Dinner
Dragonfly dreams 31.1
Semco kit on 14ct – needs to be frogged! The petal is wrong!

There are several UFOs as well… but that will be another post…