A mermaid’s tail… or tale…

I have again been really slack about posting. I have continued to stitch away, pulling out a very old WiP, from a few years back, and adding to it. It is the most annoying WiP that I have had to frog and re-frog multiple times. I was starting to think that it just doesn’t want to be stitched. Anyway, it has progressed:
dragonfly dinner

I have done a bit more of Fire Goddess, but got distracted, as I wanted to stitch something in different colours:
fire goddess,joan elliott

And now onto the Mermaid’s tail. Whose tail is it? Want to guess???

mediterranean mermaid,mirabilia

Just a frog

dragonfly dinner

I had to frog a heap of this pattern… no pun intended. Something went wrong with one of the petals so I pulled the whole petal out.

Stitched a tiny amount of CdT