A walk back through time…

I went back to my family’s house for Christmas and my Mum
pulled out my finishes that have been kept from when I was first
starting, through high school and beyond. I, of course, had to take
photos of different pieces I have done. First piece ever –
Bluebells – this was stitched when I was about 10 or 11. I was self
taught and so not all the x’s went in the same direction… 1989 The centre marking was drawn on
in pencil. 1989 I *think* this was my second
piece: 1990s In about year 10 or so (14
years old) I started the whales. I didn’t know about finishing
then, so I am not sure how I am going to finish it as there is no
fabric to do anything with. I am thinking about stitching it to a
scroll somehow… 1996 And a few other bits and
pieces: 1990s 1990s 1990s I don’t have all my pieces I
have stitched photographed. I did a heap of Australiana ones in
1997 and they were all gifts. I have done a few for my sister and
her children too. Unfortunately though, someone has lost the
birthday sampler I did for my oldest nephew. He is very upset about
it 😦 snow leopard I have decided that I
am going to stitch him another piece from the same collection – the
Ocelot – seen here: Ocelot
While on holidays I did get a little stitching done: A bit of Fairy
Moon: fairy moon And Papillon Creations


Still no scissors…

Here is Fairy Moon again. I am stitching her with wings… just not sure about the moon… it kind of looks odd to me. Will see when I get there….

Moon Fairy,Mirabilia

Fairy Moon

A photo finally!

Moon Fairy,Mirabilia

A floss toss, Titania and silk spools…

Her blanket, scarf or whatever you like to call it is done:

This is my Lindt chocolate box I am slowly filling with silk spools..

A few varigated silks I bought:
Varigated silk

And I got my silks for Fairy moon – shown here with the Hand dyed Heaven Hummingbird fabric. I think it will work 😀 It looks quite pink in this picture:
fairy moon on hummingbird