One wing down…


Now she looks a little odd… But another week or so and she should be done, fingers crossed!!!


The blending filament in her wings was painful!

On other news, I kind of want to get Nora Corbett’s bewitching pixies.





Aren’t they cute?

Titania revisited…

I think I had the impression that her wings wouldn’t take that long…

Oh well, still working on her wings, and will be for a while.


Oldies but goodies…

So I pulled out a couple of my older WiPs, and started working on them a little.

First off was a little on New World. After finally working out where I made the mistake, frogging it and re-stitching it correctly the last time I worked on it, it looked like this:

Now it looks like this:

DSCF0304Not much, but at least it is something.

I also pulled out my Quaker Seasons of Friendship. Last time it looked like this:

Now it looks like this:


DSCF0297 DSCF0296 DSCF0298

I had a few issues with the snowflake on the side, so had to frog it, and then for some reason it worked perfectly:



And also, just to prove she hasn’t been forgotton, here is Titania:

DSCF0310 DSCF0312

Finally updating…

The next month or so I probably won’t be around so much… have things on which will slow down my stitching.

Anyway, this weekend I got some stitching done… and some dyeing but that hasn’t been watched out yet, so no photos 😀

Firstly, the event calendar is about 2/3 done – just have to put dividing lines in to make the pockets…. and his name when I have done that.
event calendar

And close up of the final motifs – I beaded some of these as I am not happy with my French knots…
event calendar

And Titania.. Gosh she is a lot of pink!! Almost through my first skein of 818…


A floss toss, Titania and silk spools…

Her blanket, scarf or whatever you like to call it is done:

This is my Lindt chocolate box I am slowly filling with silk spools..

A few varigated silks I bought:
Varigated silk

And I got my silks for Fairy moon – shown here with the Hand dyed Heaven Hummingbird fabric. I think it will work 😀 It looks quite pink in this picture:
fairy moon on hummingbird

Titania again!

This is her early this evening:

And now:

Leaves are done

I love Mirabilias but the leaves and flowers are my least favourite things about them… I think it is why Sleeping Beauty keeps languishing as a very SLOOOOWWW WiP.

Anyway, the leaves on Titania on the right hand side are all done. I might try to get some of her skirt done tomorrow. The leaves took almost all my stitching time tonight… lots of colour changes. Sigh…


Her ribbons on this side are done… now the leaves…


More on the train…

I went to Melbourne on the train… and sat and stitched for a while.


Stash and stuff…


Deepest Love:

Got the beads for Meddy – these were from the Fox Collection as I had a $50 gift voucher to use as I wrote into their magazine. Now I want to start her!

Fabric – From Sew it all at the Fair:

including fabric for Fire Goddess:

Fabric from a friend that went to the Zweigart factory outlet store in Germany – lugana and Belfast (32ct all) – fat quarters and 1 fat half of grey:

HDF stash:
D-bag and spools

And to prove it wasn’t just stash enhancing – Titania update:
titania 30.7.10

I have had a really busy week this week, so very little time for stitching 😦 Next week should be better.

Its now almost 1am and I am wired on coffee… meh!

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