Bits and pieces..




Keslyn’s itty bitties, weihenburg spot sampler, and a bit of Frederick the Literate.

Remember this?

For those that follow me, you are probably going “Oh my goodness, 3 posts in as many days…. what is happening???”. Well, I just randomly decided I needed to update this blog a tad more regularlyL* 😀

Anyway, I haven’t worked on this one for a while, since a fateful frogging accident, so I finally pulled this spot to pieces and restitched it:


And started on the next spot:


As far as Watergarden goes, I am a little annoyed at myself… I could have sworn that I had all the colours I required, however, I am missing a dark green, and have run out of the dark brown. As I have converted it to HDF it is quite annoying, as it means ordering for 2 skeins of floss ;(

Anyway, there was a minute amount of progress on this one too:


Anyway, adeus until next time


*inspiration to post will probably wain as have a 46 hour working week this week… blech!!!