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For those that follow me, you are probably going “Oh my goodness, 3 posts in as many days…. what is happening???”. Well, I just randomly decided I needed to update this blog a tad more regularlyL* 😀

Anyway, I haven’t worked on this one for a while, since a fateful frogging accident, so I finally pulled this spot to pieces and restitched it:


And started on the next spot:


As far as Watergarden goes, I am a little annoyed at myself… I could have sworn that I had all the colours I required, however, I am missing a dark green, and have run out of the dark brown. As I have converted it to HDF it is quite annoying, as it means ordering for 2 skeins of floss ;(

Anyway, there was a minute amount of progress on this one too:


Anyway, adeus until next time


*inspiration to post will probably wain as have a 46 hour working week this week… blech!!!


Three things today…

Firstly Water Garden



A little fishy


And part 10 of castles in the air






I started this about two weeks ago just after finishing sleeping beauty. The colors are quite bright. I am stitching it on grey 32CT linen a friend bought for me. I have enough for both winter water garden and this one. I am not sold on spring or autumn Water gardens though…


I can’t decide…

I have started Chatelaine’s Watergarden (will post photos later), which reminded me how much I love Chatelaine’s, and so I have decided to finish kitting up the other three Chatelaine patterns I have – Winter Watergarden, Sleeping Beauty Mandala (Anniversary) and Serengeti, which has meant that I am back looking at European Cross Stitch’s webpage.

This is very bad for me as it means I am tempted to buy another pattern or two, and kit it up. It would be a belated birthday present to myself. I am tossing up between 3 of them:

Japanese Zen Garden:

Seville Alcazar Garden:

And Hawaiian Garden Mandala:

Hawaii is beautiful, but it is expensive as it has so many beads, and metallics, but as it is available as a chart pack, it is cheaper than the online classes.

I haven’t bought much in the last 2 years – just a few HAED patterns, Ink Circles RYO and Cirque de Coeurs, and one kit.

On the other hand, I want a few Mirabilia patterns too:



Siren and the Shipwreck (Mermaid collector that I am)

Siren and the Shipwreck

Dimension Kits:

Fall Fairy

Fall Fairy - Cross Stitch Kit

Woodland Enchantress

Woodland Enchantress - Cross Stitch Kit

I bought Aurora which looks like she goes with them:

Aurora - Cross Stitch Kit

I love the colours in the sky in this one.

Anyway, I really can’t decide what to buy!!! Too many things I want! Any thoughts????

Better photos and a few other things…

So I finally got some better photos off my camera – yesterdays photos were taken with my phone.

I think these are better photos 😀


These colours are truer to life I think…


A close up of progress on New World:

And my floss toss for Winter Water Garden
The fabric is pale grey, and I now have most of the metallics:


I have also made quite a bit of progress on Lily. She is at work, so I don’t have photos. but I think she is now over half done.

Now a poll:

I got distracted…

I was going to stitch on the train to Melbourne but we were put on coaches instead as the air conditioning on the train broke… Which was problematic on a 28 degree day. It was very warm. And coming back I was waaayyyyy too tired to stitch anything… so I still have another 5 motifs to go on the advent calendar:

advent calendar

An angel close up:
advent calendar

And because it was next to me when I sat down when I got home and recovered a bit, here is Misty Morning Vineyard:

misty morning vineyard

It is awaiting leaves and flowers in each corner:



misty morning vineyard

I think my Algerian Eyelets are getting neater with each corner. Good practice. Must pull out my Papillon Creations MSAL soon.

Misty Morning Vineyard update

I am not sure about my satin stitches, but I attempted them. Hopefully they look okay – well I think they do at the moment. This was quite a bit of specialty stitching today. Took a bit to get this much done. It is fun to try these things though.

misty morning vineyard

Close ups – Kloster squares, Algerian Eyelets and daisy stitches… as well as the regular cross stitch…


misty morning vineyard

And the border – sparkles included:

Thank you everyone for all your comments!!

Now what should I stitch on tomorrow?? Maybe some Egyptian Guarden? Or one the Mirabilias??? Recommendations? Thoughts?


The silk in this layer is done… now just awaiting the metallics and beads…



misty morning vineyard

I don’t know why…

But Passione Ricamo designs seem to stitch soooo slowly! If I sit down with a Joan Elliott design or a Mirabilia, they seem to almost want to stitch themselves, but PR designs, which have fantastic colours and look great seem to be slow… Not sure why that is. But this one, I think, is because of all the sparklies…

fairy of dreams,passione ricamo

Now I had a question about Chatelaine Misty Morning Vineyard – I am stitching it on white linen – but it is a French linen, so finer than Zweigert and more a creamy white than a bright white. I have converted 90% off it into HDF silks, which I like to stitch with, and am contemplating changing the silk in the border I am currently stitching for a different colour that is closer to the Caron waterlily colour called for… however, I am not sure that I will. It will look fine with either, but the darker colour varigate is probably closer to the original than the one I am stitching with currently. Anyway, if anyone wants the conversion, I can post it. HDF is a lot cheaper than Caron silks.

Thanks everyone for all your comments!!

Photo post :D

Water Goddess – the great frogging progress..

2.9.10 frogging

The lily pad has to go 😦

2.9.10 watergoddess close up

Close up of her skirt

fairy queen,passione ricamo

A little bit more of Fairy Queen

2.9.10 chrysanthemum taking shape

The start of the Chrysanthemum and the phoenix

Egyptian garden - mutant over 1 finsh...

And an over 1 fish on Egyptian Garden.

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