My current WiPs and WISPs

I have a huge lot of WiPs so to start off, here are the photos:

Mirabilia Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty 11th Jan
First Mirabilia ever – 14 count aida -bleh… but will finish it… as I have done so much!

Mirabilia Stargazer
Stargazer 29.3
Fabric – 32 count Lugana – Special dye

Mirabilia Winter Queen
Winter Queen 15.2.09

Mirabilia Blue Beards Princess (Mirabella)
Half the silks replaced by HDFs, my own choice of beads.

Mirabilia Cinderella
cindy 16/9
On 28ct Monaco, Enchanted Fabrics Dark Fury Flair

Ink Circles Growth Rings (From Just Cross Stitch Magazine)
GR 1.4
DMC 99 and 53 on 35ct over 2

Ink Circles Cirque de Cirque
CDC 1/4
In HDF Dragon Opal – 40ct over 2

Paua abalone cdc
In HDF Paua Abalone – 35ct over 2

Ink Circles Cirque de Triangles
CdT 19.2.9
HDF Russian Sage on HDF Green 35ct linen over 2 over 2

Papillon Creations MSAL:
PC MSAL part 1

HAED Doorway to the Stars (Josephine Wall)
1×1 on 22 count.

Misty Dreams The Well of My Desires:
well of my desires 25.2
1×1 22 count

Dragonfly Dinner
Dragonfly dreams 31.1
Semco kit on 14ct – needs to be frogged! The petal is wrong!

There are several UFOs as well… but that will be another post…

A(nother) cross stitching blog

I decided to start a blog today, to help me keep track of my cross stitch without boring the people out there who aren’t that interested in what I am stitching at the moment. It will mostly be a place for me to keep track of what I am doing and my progress on all the works in progresses and stash enhancements. Now to get the ball rolling… here is a list of common cross stitch abbreviations:

frogging – undoing stitches… “Rip-it! Rip-it!”

ripping – see frogging

stash – your personal needlework supplies

WIP – work in progress

WISP – work in slow progress

UFO – unfinished object; haven’t stitched it in a while & don’t plan on soon

LNS – local needlework shop


NSLNS = Not So Local Needlework Store

ONS = Online Needlework Store

RR = Round Robin

SAL – stitch-along, where two or more stitchers work on a design at the same time

HD or happy dance – announcing a finish to your friends, acquaintances, and/or a cross stitch bulletin board

S.E.X. – stash enhancement experience; needlework-related purchases. Must always be spelled with periods to avoid being listed on the “bad” web search engines!

SABLE – Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy

on the wagon – a period of time where one avoids any new acquisition of stash

StRIP – Stash Reduction Implementation Plan, usually done when SABLE has been achieved. Typically, no new purchases are allowed for a set amount of time and/or until a certain amount of stash is used up. A person who does this is a StRIPper. See on the wagon.

PRUDE – Person Resisting Unnecessarily Diminishing Existing stash, i.e. someone who refuses to StRIP.

BAP – Big arse project

BF- blending filament

RAK – random act of kindness (Usually to do with giving away stash to someone with or without them knowing :D)

Designers and Projects:

TIAG = told in a garden
HAED – Heaven and Earth Designs
CDC- Cirque de Cercles
CDCx= Cirque de Carreaux
CDT- Cirque de Triangles
BOINK- Book of ink circles
GK – golden Kite
HDF- Hand dyed fibers *sometimes referred to as VC HDF for Vikki Clayton*
SW- Silkweaver – fabric supplier
PTP- Picture this plus – fabric supplier
TW- Teresa Wentzler
AVAS=Au Ver A Soie (A brand of Silk fibers)
NPI= Needle Point Silk (A brand of Silk Fibers)
GAST=Gentle Art Sampler Threads (A Brand of overdye cotton Fibers, uses DMC base)
DFT=Danish Flower Thread (A particular type of cotton fiber)
WDW=Weeks Dye Works (A Brand of overdye cotton Fibers, uses DMC base)
TX=Threadworkx (A Brand of overdye cotton Fibers, uses DMC base)
NN=Needle Necessities (A Brand of overdye cotton Fibers, uses DMC base. Out of business. Can be exchanged exactly for TX.)
OWD=Old Willow Designs
ATS=And they Sinned (Chart by Examplar Dames. Its a HUGE BAP)
SMF=Sugar Maple Fabrics (Brand of Fabric, Out of Business)
LL=Lakeside Linens (Brand of Fabric)
R&R= R&R reproductions (Brand of Fabric)
CWC=Crossed Wing Collection (Brand of Fabric)
GA – gentle arts threads again
Mira – mirabilia designs
EF – Enchanted Fabrics