A mermaid’s tail… or tale…

I have again been really slack about posting. I have continued to stitch away, pulling out a very old WiP, from a few years back, and adding to it. It is the most annoying WiP that I have had to frog and re-frog multiple times. I was starting to think that it just doesn’t want to be stitched. Anyway, it has progressed:
dragonfly dinner

I have done a bit more of Fire Goddess, but got distracted, as I wanted to stitch something in different colours:
fire goddess,joan elliott

And now onto the Mermaid’s tail. Whose tail is it? Want to guess???

mediterranean mermaid,mirabilia

I have been so slack about posting…

So here is a big update.

Firstly, I have been stitching away at Fire Goddess:
With Flash
fire goddess,joan elliott
Without Flash
fire goddess,joan elliott

And I have been stitching Lily at work. Considering she gets maybe 20-30 minutes a shift at most, I am happy with how she is progressing:
No Flash:

For something fun, I started Dolly Mama’s Coffee:
dolly mama,coffee

14 ct and very bright!!!

And pulled out my Cirque de Cercles No. 2, stitched with HDF Paua Abalone:
Last time I stitched it, it looked like this:
Cirque des Cercles

And now:
cdc,ink circles

Thanks for looking!!!

Photo!!! YAY!!!


A couple of things…

First of all, has anyone seen a photo of Lady Alex? I think she has a gorgeous dress. I like her, but I think she is one who I will wait to see WiP pictures of before I decide if I want her. I really like her hair style though…

Fire Goddess: I seem to be stitching her quite quickly at the moment, I think.

fire goddess

I know the fabric is only *just* big enough, but I like her on it anyway…

When she is finished I am tossing up about whether to start my Chatelaine (which I am so far behind on) or Air Goddess. As I said before Earth Goddess is my least favourite. Or pull out one of my other WiPs.

The other thing I want to do is hunt down Garden Verses, as she is no longer being printed. I really like her.

Bits and bobs of fire goddess and pearls….

I need to do more beading:

But she is progressing
mermaid of the pearls,mirabilia

Fire Goddess feels relatively fast compared to Pearls
fire goddess,joan elliott

The backstitch really does make a difference…
fire goddess,joan elliott

A few different things…

You may remember I started Mermaid of the Pearls quite a while ago… She sat looking like this for a long time:
mermaid of the pearls,mirabilia

After tonight she now looks like this:
mermaid of the pearls,mirabilia

She is the most annoying mermaid to stitch. I am not sure why, but I am not enjoying stitching her as much as I did Waiting for Ships, or Mermaids of the Deep Blue. There isn’t the same colour flow I think and so you are jumping here, there and everywhere with colours.

And here is an update on Lily – she is a very slowly progressing WIP simply because she may only get 20-40minutes every time I am at work:


Loving Fire Goddess. The ball of fire in her hand is gorgeous:

fire goddess,joan elliott

A little more of her skirt is done too
fire goddess,joan elliott

Wow, another update!!!

Fire Goddess has a hand and some sparklies…

fire goddess,joan elliott

Lots and lots of metallics going on now… I seem to have misplaced one of my spools of Kreinik… sigh…

fire goddess,joan elliott

Fire Goddess again

I have done more than I thought since my last update, but less than I was planning before showing her off again. She is very bright.

fire goddess,joan elliott

Quick post

Sorry about the bad photos!!

Here is Lily – took a photo with my phone at work:

I think she is progressing nicely 😀

And here is the Fire Goddess:
fire goddess,joan elliott

Close up of her face:
fire goddess,joan elliott

There is a very bright, bright orange in Fire Goddess that I didn’t think was right, but now I have stitched it does actually work.

Fire Goddess

This was started as people initially polled for this one!

Stitched on Sew It All Frangipani.

With Flash:
fire goddess,joan elliott

Without Flash:
fire goddess,joan elliott

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