One wing down…


Now she looks a little odd… But another week or so and she should be done, fingers crossed!!!


The blending filament in her wings was painful!

On other news, I kind of want to get Nora Corbett’s bewitching pixies.





Aren’t they cute?

Titania revisited…

I think I had the impression that her wings wouldn’t take that long…

Oh well, still working on her wings, and will be for a while.


Oldies but goodies…

So I pulled out a couple of my older WiPs, and started working on them a little.

First off was a little on New World. After finally working out where I made the mistake, frogging it and re-stitching it correctly the last time I worked on it, it looked like this:

Now it looks like this:

DSCF0304Not much, but at least it is something.

I also pulled out my Quaker Seasons of Friendship. Last time it looked like this:

Now it looks like this:


DSCF0297 DSCF0296 DSCF0298

I had a few issues with the snowflake on the side, so had to frog it, and then for some reason it worked perfectly:



And also, just to prove she hasn’t been forgotton, here is Titania:

DSCF0310 DSCF0312

I can’t decide…

I have started Chatelaine’s Watergarden (will post photos later), which reminded me how much I love Chatelaine’s, and so I have decided to finish kitting up the other three Chatelaine patterns I have – Winter Watergarden, Sleeping Beauty Mandala (Anniversary) and Serengeti, which has meant that I am back looking at European Cross Stitch’s webpage.

This is very bad for me as it means I am tempted to buy another pattern or two, and kit it up. It would be a belated birthday present to myself. I am tossing up between 3 of them:

Japanese Zen Garden:

Seville Alcazar Garden:

And Hawaiian Garden Mandala:

Hawaii is beautiful, but it is expensive as it has so many beads, and metallics, but as it is available as a chart pack, it is cheaper than the online classes.

I haven’t bought much in the last 2 years – just a few HAED patterns, Ink Circles RYO and Cirque de Coeurs, and one kit.

On the other hand, I want a few Mirabilia patterns too:



Siren and the Shipwreck (Mermaid collector that I am)

Siren and the Shipwreck

Dimension Kits:

Fall Fairy

Fall Fairy - Cross Stitch Kit

Woodland Enchantress

Woodland Enchantress - Cross Stitch Kit

I bought Aurora which looks like she goes with them:

Aurora - Cross Stitch Kit

I love the colours in the sky in this one.

Anyway, I really can’t decide what to buy!!! Too many things I want! Any thoughts????

Wow, after 6 years she is finally finished…

I started her as my let me get back into cross stitch project in 2007… Here we are 6 years later and after many other finished projects… Complete!!!


I ran out of the beads in her skirt so substituted delica seed beads, and the beads in her blanket are ones I had on hand – perhaps a little bright but I think they work. The only beads that are the correct beads are the light blue ones, which I somehow was 10 beads short from the first packet. I had a second one on hand though 🙂




She has had a bath – mild detergent and lots of rinsing and has been ironed… The water from the detergent was grey!!!! I knew she was a bit grubby (6 years, 2 states and 5 houses later) but I didn’t quite expect that!!!!

Sleeping beauty

So it has been a


long time since I updated anything, I have been working my way through sleeping beauty again, and have found the app notability. Scan in your pattern and you can use your iPad. It allows you to highlight and make notes. Anyway, here she is:


I am here… honest…

I know it has been ages since I did a proper post with pictures and all. I have been stitching away on and off on Miss Meddy. She is going swimmingly, if you will pardon the pun.

I couldn’t get the colours to photograph true to life, but here she is anyway:

mirabilia,mediterranean mermaid

mediterranean mermaid,mirabilia

mediterranean mermaid,mirabilia

I really like this fabric, and am so sad when Enchanted Fabrics stopped dyeing but Lori had to live her life, and so these things happen. Now the weather is starting to get better I am going to have to get back to dyeing again myself. The house we moved into at the start of the year has no convenient area for dyeing, so I have to be outdoors to do so. And the weather has not been obedient, or at all nice for this purpose 😦

A mermaid’s tail… or tale…

I have again been really slack about posting. I have continued to stitch away, pulling out a very old WiP, from a few years back, and adding to it. It is the most annoying WiP that I have had to frog and re-frog multiple times. I was starting to think that it just doesn’t want to be stitched. Anyway, it has progressed:
dragonfly dinner

I have done a bit more of Fire Goddess, but got distracted, as I wanted to stitch something in different colours:
fire goddess,joan elliott

And now onto the Mermaid’s tail. Whose tail is it? Want to guess???

mediterranean mermaid,mirabilia

A couple of things…

First of all, has anyone seen a photo of Lady Alex? I think she has a gorgeous dress. I like her, but I think she is one who I will wait to see WiP pictures of before I decide if I want her. I really like her hair style though…

Fire Goddess: I seem to be stitching her quite quickly at the moment, I think.

fire goddess

I know the fabric is only *just* big enough, but I like her on it anyway…

When she is finished I am tossing up about whether to start my Chatelaine (which I am so far behind on) or Air Goddess. As I said before Earth Goddess is my least favourite. Or pull out one of my other WiPs.

The other thing I want to do is hunt down Garden Verses, as she is no longer being printed. I really like her.

Bits and bobs of fire goddess and pearls….

I need to do more beading:

But she is progressing
mermaid of the pearls,mirabilia

Fire Goddess feels relatively fast compared to Pearls
fire goddess,joan elliott

The backstitch really does make a difference…
fire goddess,joan elliott

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