Photo post :D

Water Goddess – the great frogging progress..

2.9.10 frogging

The lily pad has to go 😦

2.9.10 watergoddess close up

Close up of her skirt

fairy queen,passione ricamo

A little bit more of Fairy Queen

2.9.10 chrysanthemum taking shape

The start of the Chrysanthemum and the phoenix

Egyptian garden - mutant over 1 finsh...

And an over 1 fish on Egyptian Garden.

What not to do with dyes…

I decided that the fabric for PR’s “The Night” had dyed too pale so tonight I decided to fix it – and couldn’t get the lid off one of the dyes… when I did manage to the dye flew everywhere – my hands are dyed, it went into my hair and all over the floor… so I am now running low on one of my greens.

Anyway, as it is cold I am leaving it to cure overnight, and will add the fixative in the morning. If it doesn’t work out how I think it should I will just dye it all navy.

So I gave up on that and did another bit on Cirque des Carreaux:
cirque des carreaux

cirque des carreaux

And because I had said I have started it – the very beginnings of Chatelaine’s Egyptian Garden – on 32ct linen dyed by me
Egyptian garden

I need to take pictures

I have done another bit of Cirque des Carreaux and have started the centre square of Egyptian Garden.

I think I need to start a rotation.

Goals for June:
Finish Cirque des Carreaux
Finish current border on Misty morning
Water Goddess – head and hair, start the moon
Lily – Wings

That should be enough for this month I think…

Not much in the way of stitching…

More setting up for future projects.

I dyed two more pieces of fabric – both I think will work for what I have dyed them for, however one I want to go back and revisit. I was trying to do mottled dark blue with bits of other colours through – violet, green, pink etc – kind of reminiscint of photos from the Hubble Telescope of nebula and such… however only the green showed through the blue so the fabric might have to go back into a dye bath and get some pinks and violets if I can be bothered. It is for Passione Ricamo’s The Night – I have a piece of Aida that came with it but when I double checked the measurements it only has about 2 inches for framing – which doesn’t leave a lot of room… This piece has lots of room for framing.

fabric for "the night"
This is darker in real life

I got my silks for Egyptian Garden, now the only Chatelaine left to finish kitting up is Watergarden. I have done my own conversion to Vikki’s HDF silks by eyeballing the colours on my monitor and choosing ones that looked (on screen anyway) pretty close. I have dyed a piece of Belfast linen to stitch it on – it looks quite bright but I think it will look pretty – it is blue, pale orange and pink – I was aiming for sunset colours.

EG floss

I went down to Kmart to see if they had any zip files for me to set up a few of my projects in – and they had these lovely bright pink files:
chatelaine file 1

The zipper on the pocket will be ideal for scissors, hilighter pens etc. Inside there was another pocket, and a “Pencil case”
chatelaine file 2
I think between the two floss, needles, beads and metallics will work.

Then I very industriously made up floss tags with the symbol in the fabric and the floss name:
EG floss tags

And slipped the pattern into plastic pockets – the pages had to be trimmed slightly as they were US letter size and the pockets are A4. Luckily most US cross stitch patterns come with a decent margin so you can trim without losing the pattern (I did the same thing to my Cirque patterns)
Chatelaine EG pattern

And the complete kit minus fabric as it is still wet:
EG total kit

Then I pulled out my brand new spools and stitched a few samples:
stitched samples

The spools: