Playing with Macro and a little more of 14…

DSCF0357 DSCF0354

Right hand side and left hand side blackwork… and the first of the greenery πŸ˜€

Now macro fun:

DSCF0359 DSCF0358 DSCF0360 DSCF0361

Extreme close ups, using a reading spotlight for the light source. I think it works pretty well.


And a helper:

DSCF0344 DSCF0345

He started off lying stretched out down my legs, adn ended up curling round so I could see his face. He is a very calm and placid cat when he is like this. I bury him in my stitchng supplies – the pattern often lives on his back, and, after 7 years, he is used to being buried like this.

Most other times he is a normal cat – slightly psychotic, slightly neurotic.

Remember this?

For those that follow me, you are probably going “Oh my goodness, 3 posts in as many days…. what is happening???”. Well, I just randomly decided I needed to update this blog a tad more regularlyL* πŸ˜€

Anyway, I haven’t worked on this one for a while, since a fateful frogging accident, so I finally pulled this spot to pieces and restitched it:


And started on the next spot:


As far as Watergarden goes, I am a little annoyed at myself… I could have sworn that I had all the colours I required, however, I am missing a dark green, and have run out of the dark brown. As I have converted it to HDF it is quite annoying, as it means ordering for 2 skeins of floss ;(

Anyway, there was a minute amount of progress on this one too:


Anyway, adeus until next time


*inspiration to post will probably wain as have a 46 hour working week this week… blech!!!

Papillon Creations Castles in the Air Part 11

DSCF0339 I haven’t worked on this one for a while and so I got stuck into it today – was a bit of a hermit and stitched and watched TV.

Part 11 is completely done:


And I have finished at least half of part 12:


A walk back through time…

I went back to my family’s house for Christmas and my Mum
pulled out my finishes that have been kept from when I was first
starting, through high school and beyond. I, of course, had to take
photos of different pieces I have done. First piece ever –
Bluebells – this was stitched when I was about 10 or 11. I was self
taught and so not all the x’s went in the same direction… 1989 The centre marking was drawn on
in pencil. 1989 I *think* this was my second
piece: 1990s In about year 10 or so (14
years old) I started the whales. I didn’t know about finishing
then, so I am not sure how I am going to finish it as there is no
fabric to do anything with. I am thinking about stitching it to a
scroll somehow… 1996 And a few other bits and
pieces: 1990s 1990s 1990s I don’t have all my pieces I
have stitched photographed. I did a heap of Australiana ones in
1997 and they were all gifts. I have done a few for my sister and
her children too. Unfortunately though, someone has lost the
birthday sampler I did for my oldest nephew. He is very upset about
it 😦 snow leopard I have decided that I
am going to stitch him another piece from the same collection – the
Ocelot – seen here: Ocelot
While on holidays I did get a little stitching done: A bit of Fairy
Moon: fairy moon And Papillon Creations

Part 6 and 7

Been offline for a while, but still stitching! My close close ups didn’t quite turn out how I planned, so here are some pictures of parts 6 and 7 together

papillon creations,SAL,CITA

part 6,MSAL,PC,part 7

papillon creations,MSAL,CITA

Cross stitch on the left is done….

Need to add the specialty stitches though…

Now which order shall I do this part in? All the little x’s and then the specialties? Or one side and then the other??? Decisions, decisions πŸ˜€

MSAL,PC,part 6

part 6,MSAL,PC

Part 5 is done!

papillon creations,MSAL

MSAL,PC,part 5

part 5,MSAL,PC

And part of Part 6 is started!!!
Part 6,MSAL,PC

Fabrics, giveaways and mystery stitch alongs

So just to remind everyone, I still have my giveaway going if you want to join.

I have been thinking about fabrics and trialing dyeing colours etc. and had an idea, again if anyone is interested (and please comment and I will get back to you)… anyway my idea was while I am learning to dye, if anyone wants any particular colour combo, I will dye it for you for the cost of the fabric and postage and handling.

It may take a little while as I have to source some fabric and dye colours but there is no point in me trialing lots of colours and keeping them for myself as I will never get around to using them all!!! But I do want to experiment.

I am stitching a mystery stitchalong based on a vague idea about a quilt:



I like it so far. Not sure where the next part will take us though πŸ˜€

Mix mash

Today I added a little to Cirque des Carreaux and was reminded again how much I like this colour combo. I think I want to do something similar but with pink thrown in for good measure…

cirque des carreaux

cirque des carreaux

cirque des carreaux

And I finally unpicked and started to restitch my part 4 of Papillion Creations MSAL Castles in the Air. I am not sure where she is taking this. I am 4 parts behind once this is finished, but they are small parts so shouldn’t take long to do.

papillion creations,MSAL

I feel silly…

I made the most stupid mistake so my Spot sampler is soon to be frog city 😦 Just added one extra row of stitches in and so it is all miscounted now. I will have to frog it…


I asked people what I should focus on finishing in 2010 so they all suggested Sleeping Beauty as she is mostly done so I have added about 1200 stitches to her blanket over the weekend:
Before the weekend:
Sleeping Beauty 11th Jan

Sleeping Beauty,mirabilia

Sleeping Beauty,mirabilia

Also have to frog the Papillon Creations MSAL – Castles in the air. The Peacock is in the wrong place 😦

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