My order from HDF still hasn’t arrived. Its most distressing, especially considering my order from Silkweavers, that was posted 2 days later, arrived today. I guess the Snowpocalypse on the NE coast may have disrupted the mail… I bought a grab bag from silkweaver, which turned out to be more 28ct than anything, but hey, it gives me a selection of colours to play with, including 4 13×18 inch pieces to choose between for Nora Corbett’s Lily Pixie.

silkweaver grab bag

silkweaver mysteries

And a fat quarter of Starquest 28ct on jaszlyn fabric:

jaszlyn 28ct starquest

jaszlyn starquest fat quarter

I actually like this dyelot better than the official piece I deliberately bought… shame its 28ct. So much prefer 32ct.

Maybe the HDF will arrive tomorrow.

I pulled Mermaid of the pearls off the stand tonight for two reasons:
1. I actually wanted to make some decent progress on her fin and 2 handed stitching at this stage is SLOW for me
and 2. my mad cat was using the stand for target practice. I caught him leaping up and clawing the fabric. BAD CAT!!!
So anyway, here she is:
mermaid of the pearls,mirabilia

Her fin in real life is actually quite pale. For some reason it photographs really brightly.

Stash addict

I have so many projects in waiting, some all kitted up ready to go, some just charts.
So here we go:
The Night by Passione Ricamo – 18ct Aida
night kit

Queen of Fairies by Passione Ricamo – 35ct Bitterbloom Linen from HDF
PR QOF sans pattern

My lady of the Snow by Passione Ricamo – 32 count Silkweaver Solo

Random pile of stash – kits and UFOs:
random stash

Charts from a lovely friend:
Kats by Kelly and otehr charts from Serenia

Random kits:

There is some as above, Mirabilia lady of the mist to be stitched on 32 count silkweaver Iris Garden, Mirabilia Crystal Symphony to be stitched over 1 on 25 count Enchanted fabrics Dragon mist lugana opal, Teresa Wentzler’s Millennium, Semco Advent Calendar, Flower Triad, Tulip Napkins and napkin rings, baby zebras.

Lovely HDF 35 count linen:
pink and silk

vc brown

HDF detritus bag

Silkweaver Linen Iris Garden:
iris garden

I have a fair bit of other stuff, and have also ordered more HDF silks and fabric – Sue-purpulous, Exampler black Iris, and Velvet Midnight, half a yard of 35count white linen, and an HDF grab bag.

Also found a (reasonably) local tapestry stand manufacturer – in jarrah called Jarrah Lacky in Geelong. I really want the tapestry stand, one frame and a variety of dowels so I can sew projects to the dowels until I am done with them.

There is more… but than can wait for another night…

Current WIP: Stargazer