Luna and Mari -or a post – how surprising!!

My life has started to return to normal. I finished university, with better marks than I expected, we are about 70% organised for the wedding – I have my dress, he has his suit, we have a venue and celebrant, so it is just the caterer to finalise, and we are back from our holiday.

So I picked up my pixies again. Luna and Mari are both progressing. I still need to buy the latest 6 bewitching pixies, but that will be after the wedding, plus I want to get the mermaids as well. The pixies really are such quick projects compared to a lot of the other ones I do.

Anyway, Luna now looks like this:

And Mari needs some skin as she looks a bit freaky:


One wing down…


Now she looks a little odd… But another week or so and she should be done, fingers crossed!!!


The blending filament in her wings was painful!

On other news, I kind of want to get Nora Corbett’s bewitching pixies.





Aren’t they cute?

What else have I been up to??

I was working on Nora Corbett’s Lily for a while. She is now finished as well.


I started Ink Circle’s RYO. I have bought the full series, but here is the first one:
RYO outline

As I work on mulitple projects and like having my current WiPs on hand, I decided I needed a better way to store them, so I purchased a 10 drawer unit that sits besides my stitching chair in the living room.


Currently I have Mermaid of the Pearls, Titania and Egyptian Garden Mandala in there, plus a few others.

The 3rd last Heaven and Earth Designs sale was way too tempting with over 50% off, so I ended up purchasing quite a few designs. Quite a few were on my wish list for a while, such as Minerva’s Melody by Josephine Wall, Faery Bride by Amy Brown, and Dragonflies Whispers by Ching-Chou Kuik. I was tempted to get the Seven Deadly Sins by Marta Dahlig. I was considering the minis of those. I need to buy floss so I can start. I have bought some 20ct evenweave to stitch them on. I had some 22ct stuff but I really dislike it. I was considering restarting Doorway to the Stars.

I have been so slack about posting…

So here is a big update.

Firstly, I have been stitching away at Fire Goddess:
With Flash
fire goddess,joan elliott
Without Flash
fire goddess,joan elliott

And I have been stitching Lily at work. Considering she gets maybe 20-30 minutes a shift at most, I am happy with how she is progressing:
No Flash:

For something fun, I started Dolly Mama’s Coffee:
dolly mama,coffee

14 ct and very bright!!!

And pulled out my Cirque de Cercles No. 2, stitched with HDF Paua Abalone:
Last time I stitched it, it looked like this:
Cirque des Cercles

And now:
cdc,ink circles

Thanks for looking!!!

Quick post

Sorry about the bad photos!!

Here is Lily – took a photo with my phone at work:

I think she is progressing nicely 😀

And here is the Fire Goddess:
fire goddess,joan elliott

Close up of her face:
fire goddess,joan elliott

There is a very bright, bright orange in Fire Goddess that I didn’t think was right, but now I have stitched it does actually work.

Cirque and Lily

I was awake way too late stitching this last night, and some would say tonight (although I did have the tv on a silly movie or two…) and it is almost done:
cirque des carreaux

cirque des carreaux

cirque des carreaux

cirque des carreaux

cirque des carreaux

And the bit I did on Lily the other night:
lily,nora corbett

There is a ruffle… I swear…

Maybe if you tilt your head and squint you can see it emerging….

lily,nora corbett


Today I started adding the bling to Waiting for Ships after finishing all the backstitch (which actually took a lot longer than I thought – but I think that was partly because I as getting distracted by the movie I had on)… Anyway, her headpiece is gorgeous. I tried to take a close up but I think my hands were shaking a little so everything was out of focus… sigh… maybe better photos tomorrow, but here she is anyway… her blinged up headpiece:
waiting for ships,mirabilia

waiting for ships,mirabilia

waiting for ships,mirabilia

And I started Lily by Nora Corbett – belfast linen Tutti Frutti by silkweaver

Lily,Nora Corbett

Lily,Nora Corbett