What else have I been up to??

I was working on Nora Corbett’s Lily for a while. She is now finished as well.


I started Ink Circle’s RYO. I have bought the full series, but here is the first one:
RYO outline

As I work on mulitple projects and like having my current WiPs on hand, I decided I needed a better way to store them, so I purchased a 10 drawer unit that sits besides my stitching chair in the living room.


Currently I have Mermaid of the Pearls, Titania and Egyptian Garden Mandala in there, plus a few others.

The 3rd last Heaven and Earth Designs sale was way too tempting with over 50% off, so I ended up purchasing quite a few designs. Quite a few were on my wish list for a while, such as Minerva’s Melody by Josephine Wall, Faery Bride by Amy Brown, and Dragonflies Whispers by Ching-Chou Kuik. I was tempted to get the Seven Deadly Sins by Marta Dahlig. I was considering the minis of those. I need to buy floss so I can start. I have bought some 20ct evenweave to stitch them on. I had some 22ct stuff but I really dislike it. I was considering restarting Doorway to the Stars.

Wow, after 6 years she is finally finished…

I started her as my let me get back into cross stitch project in 2007… Here we are 6 years later and after many other finished projects… Complete!!!


I ran out of the beads in her skirt so substituted delica seed beads, and the beads in her blanket are ones I had on hand – perhaps a little bright but I think they work. The only beads that are the correct beads are the light blue ones, which I somehow was 10 beads short from the first packet. I had a second one on hand though πŸ™‚




She has had a bath – mild detergent and lots of rinsing and has been ironed… The water from the detergent was grey!!!! I knew she was a bit grubby (6 years, 2 states and 5 houses later) but I didn’t quite expect that!!!!

Happy Dance…

Yes, it was Water Goddess that I finished. Here she is – I will have better photos later, but my camera went flat!!!

watergoddess,joan elliott

Trying to show the sparklies πŸ˜€ The moon was solid Kreinik metallics!!

watergoddess,joan elliott

And I finally got around to unpicking and started restitching PapillonCreations New World:

papillon creations new world

A walk back through time…

I went back to my family’s house for Christmas and my Mum
pulled out my finishes that have been kept from when I was first
starting, through high school and beyond. I, of course, had to take
photos of different pieces I have done. First piece ever –
Bluebells – this was stitched when I was about 10 or 11. I was self
taught and so not all the x’s went in the same direction… 1989 The centre marking was drawn on
in pencil. 1989 I *think* this was my second
piece: 1990s In about year 10 or so (14
years old) I started the whales. I didn’t know about finishing
then, so I am not sure how I am going to finish it as there is no
fabric to do anything with. I am thinking about stitching it to a
scroll somehow… 1996 And a few other bits and
pieces: 1990s 1990s 1990s I don’t have all my pieces I
have stitched photographed. I did a heap of Australiana ones in
1997 and they were all gifts. I have done a few for my sister and
her children too. Unfortunately though, someone has lost the
birthday sampler I did for my oldest nephew. He is very upset about
it 😦 snow leopard I have decided that I
am going to stitch him another piece from the same collection – the
Ocelot – seen here: Ocelot
While on holidays I did get a little stitching done: A bit of Fairy
Moon: fairy moon And Papillon Creations

Please join me…

For this dance!!! It is a very happy one!!!

Without flash:
cirque des carreaux

With flash
cirque des carreaux

Left half
cirque des carreaux

Right half:
cirque des carreaux

Third finish for 2010 πŸ˜€

An old finish.

This is a finish from 2008. I thought I would share. It was a present for my father:


She is done!!!

I have just put the last bead in… I wasn’t going to finish her tonight but the cat curled up on my lap and was purring away so I just kept beading and beading…

I don’t know how many beads were in her tail, but there were an awful lot of just one colour. It does make her pretty and three dimensional though πŸ˜€

Now my net is going monstrously slowly and its taking 40 minutes for my photos to upload…

waiting for ships,mirabilia

waiting for ships,mirabilia

waiting for ships,mirabilia

waiting for ships,mirabilia

waiting for ships,mirabilia

And because her hands were bothering me Water Goddess backstitched hands
water goddess

They are done!!!

After a mammoth amount of beading and watching season 1 of Pushing Daisies again, the mermaids are beaded, backstitched and a HAPPY DANCE!!!!!

overall finished

mermaids of the deep blue,mirabilia

mermaids of the deep blue,mirabilia

mermaids of the deep blue,mirabilia

mermaids of the deep blue,mirabilia

Tails again

hair and bodies

16ct Aida Silkweaver Solo

Framed and fabulous :D

Firstly the new stash:
Silk D-bag

And some of the threads for Chatelaine’s Misty Morning Vineyard:

Shimmering Mermaid, and Seascape linen from heaven Lee Creations (why can’t people on eBay list they smoke? I am going to have to wash this!)


And finally, Stargazer Framed:

framed finished stargazer

May I present to you…

The Stargazer



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