Today’s progress.

A bit more Luna

She is progressing. It’s easier to see side by side. I’d like to start the pumpkins next just for a different colour.


Still working on the bewitching pixies. I’m planning on trying to get the first 6 finished by the end of 2018.

I would like to work on one of my Chatelaine designs in honour of Martina. I am thinking about buying the universe mandala.

Abbreviations and Terminology again!

frogging – undoing stitches… “Rip-it! Rip-it!”

ripping – see frogging

stash – your personal needlework supplies

WIP – work in progress

WISP – work in slow progress

UFO – unfinished object; haven’t stitched it in a while & don’t plan on soon

LNS – local needlework shop


NSLNS = Not So Local Needlework Store

ONS = Online Needlework Store

RR = Round Robin

SAL – stitch-along, where two or more stitchers work on a design at the same time

HD or happy dance – announcing a finish to your friends, acquaintances, and/or a cross stitch bulletin board

S.E.X. – stash enhancement experience; needlework-related purchases. Must always be spelled with periods to avoid being listed on the “bad” web search engines!

SABLE – Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy

on the wagon – a period of time where one avoids any new acquisition of stash

StRIP – Stash Reduction Implementation Plan, usually done when SABLE has been achieved. Typically, no new purchases are allowed for a set amount of time and/or until a certain amount of stash is used up. A person who does this is a StRIPper. See on the wagon.

PRUDE – Person Resisting Unnecessarily Diminishing Existing stash, i.e. someone who refuses to StRIP.

BAP – Big arse project

BF- blending filament

RAK – random act of kindness (Usually to do with giving away stash to someone with or without them knowing :D)

Designers and Projects:

TIAG = told in a garden
HAED – Heaven and Earth Designs
CDC- Cirque de Cercles
CDCx= Cirque de Carreaux
CDT- Cirque de Triangles
BOINK- Book of ink circles
GK – golden Kite
HDF- Hand dyed fibers *sometimes referred to as VC HDF for Vikki Clayton* (Closed 2013)
SW- Silkweaver – fabric supplier (Is a little different now to the old days)
PTP- Picture this plus – fabric supplier
TW- Teresa Wentzler
AVAS=Au Ver A Soie (A brand of Silk fibers)
NPI= Needle Point Silk (A brand of Silk Fibers)
GAST=Gentle Art Sampler Threads (A Brand of overdye cotton Fibers, uses DMC base)
DFT=Danish Flower Thread (A particular type of cotton fiber)
WDW=Weeks Dye Works (A Brand of overdye cotton Fibers, uses DMC base)
TX=Threadworkx (A Brand of overdye cotton Fibers, uses DMC base)
NN=Needle Necessities (A Brand of overdye cotton Fibers, uses DMC base. Out of business. Can be exchanged exactly for TX.)
OWD=Old Willow Designs
ATS=And they Sinned (Chart by Examplar Dames. Its a HUGE BAP)
SMF=Sugar Maple Fabrics (Brand of Fabric, Out of Business)
LL=Lakeside Linens (Brand of Fabric)
R&R= R&R reproductions (Brand of Fabric)
CWC=Crossed Wing Collection (Brand of Fabric)
GA – gentle arts threads again
Mira – mirabilia designs
EF – Enchanted Fabrics (Gone, but never forgotten)
IC – Ink Circles
NC- Nora Corbett (designer of Miras but has small designs under her own name)
JE – Joan Elliot
PR – Passione Ricamo


CC can never be included on this list – there are two many CCs that exist in the cross stitching world.

Subversive Cross Stitch – A movement that incorporates adult terminology into cross stitch designs.



New and old

I have still been working on Mari and she is slowly progressing. I have somehow managed to crease my working copy of the chart almost beyond readable, so I may have to make a new copy. So here she is so far:


For my birthday my fiance asked me what I would like. I had just found an awesome designer who does a lot of fan cross stitch, so he very kindly bought me the Harry Potter sampler. You can just see Ron’s hair here. It is quite large – 205x 516, and has the important characters and things from each of the 7 years.


And the awesome sparkles in the HP logo. This was  pain and took me three goes to get to work *mostly* how it was supposed to. (FROGGING – rippit, rippit!).  I used blending filament that I had on hand, which is not a favourite thing. img_0676

Luna and Mari -or a post – how surprising!!

My life has started to return to normal. I finished university, with better marks than I expected, we are about 70% organised for the wedding – I have my dress, he has his suit, we have a venue and celebrant, so it is just the caterer to finalise, and we are back from our holiday.

So I picked up my pixies again. Luna and Mari are both progressing. I still need to buy the latest 6 bewitching pixies, but that will be after the wedding, plus I want to get the mermaids as well. The pixies really are such quick projects compared to a lot of the other ones I do.

Anyway, Luna now looks like this:

And Mari needs some skin as she looks a bit freaky:


Been a while….

I finally picked up my stitching again… mostly because it calms me down when I am frustated. No pictures yet, but hopefully soon.

Between trying to organise a wedding and going back to university, this year has been very full on. I have 3 assignments due – 1 a week for 3 weeks, 2 are done, so one to go, and then I start my high school teaching placement.

As far as the wedding goes, I am getting frustrated with the caterer. We want to have an afternoon tea, not a meal, not cocktails, and apparently this is such a weird concept that it does not compute! They keep trying to give us cocktail menus, with desserts as an extra, which is just, well, NO! All I want is scones, jam and cream, and vanilla slice, and pavlova, but apparently weddings are supposed to be full meals and heavy… meh!/ end rant

I will try to post photos as soon as she stops looking like a checkerboard, and has more colours than black and red 😀

Slow stitching, no stitching

There are no photos today. I enrolled in university to do my Graduate Diploma of Education, so all my time is being sucked into the black hole of study, and working on clothes for work. I have spent the last 5 years wearing a supplied uniform, so my work wardrobe is sadly lacking.

Next week I am going overseas for a 10 day holiday, which was booked before I decided to enrol in uni. For as long as I am working where I am working I plan to take this time of year off every year – there is a big car race on, which completely ruins the traffic and makes a 60 minute drive to work into a 2 hour drive.

When I come back, I have work and 2 weeks to write a lit review, then start my practical a week later.

This is my life for the next 6.5 months. But it will improve my employment opportunities, so it will be good after it is all done.

After that it should return to situation normal!


At the moment I seem to be having issues making sure I have all the colours out for each pixie. So I need to find a few colours for her, but progress none the less…

In a way, I can’t wait to bead her and Ana but that is still a way off yet 😦

Minus one colour

She is mostly done, plus the start of Luna.


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