Wow, after 6 years she is finally finished…

I started her as my let me get back into cross stitch project in 2007… Here we are 6 years later and after many other finished projects… Complete!!!


I ran out of the beads in her skirt so substituted delica seed beads, and the beads in her blanket are ones I had on hand – perhaps a little bright but I think they work. The only beads that are the correct beads are the light blue ones, which I somehow was 10 beads short from the first packet. I had a second one on hand though πŸ™‚




She has had a bath – mild detergent and lots of rinsing and has been ironed… The water from the detergent was grey!!!! I knew she was a bit grubby (6 years, 2 states and 5 houses later) but I didn’t quite expect that!!!!

Sleeping beauty

So it has been a


long time since I updated anything, I have been working my way through sleeping beauty again, and have found the app notability. Scan in your pattern and you can use your iPad. It allows you to highlight and make notes. Anyway, here she is:


Sleeping Beauty

Finally added to her…

sleeping beauty,mirabilia

sleeping beauty,mirabilia

Sleeping Beauty

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty

I got bored…

With the over 1 skin… I have made a deal with myself that I will stitch one strand of skin and then can do some of her dress each time I stitch Fairy Queen, otherwise I will never get her done I think.

fairy queen

I stitched some more Sleeping Beauty as well. With Mirabilia patterns she has a very specific way of setting out her colours and so once you work out what she is doing where, they become very easy to stitch. I got about 2-3 times the amount of stitching done on Sleeping Beauty as I did on Fairy Queen because of this…

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty

And just for fun, while I am waiting for them to arrive, some of the colours I am getting from Enchanted fabrics
violet splendor flair

ocean depths flair

ocean depths mystique

hocus pocus flair

fairy twilight

cotton candy mystique

black orchid flair


I will post real photos when they arrive in 6 weeks-2months time πŸ˜€

Finally some photos…

I have done about 50 stitches on my Bramble and the Rose – 25ct 1 over 1 with HDF Bewrayed and bewined.
bramble and the rose

A little bit more on my winter queen – I am going to be so SICK of white by the time I am done I think!!!
winter queen

And another 500 stitches or so on Sleeping Beauty.
sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty

Also I have been picking this up on and off since last tme I stitched her – Fairy Queen – sorry about the shadows.
fairy queen

Sleeping beauty… 80 rows and a million roses to go…

After a mammoth stitching session today, I have done about 2/3 now…minus roses…

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty

Then their is a mammoth number of beads afterwards… sigh

But worth it!

More Sleeping Beauty :D

Sleeping Beauty,Mirabilia

Sleeping Beauty,mirabilia

She has a pillow and a sleeve now πŸ˜€

I feel silly…

I made the most stupid mistake so my Spot sampler is soon to be frog city 😦 Just added one extra row of stitches in and so it is all miscounted now. I will have to frog it…


I asked people what I should focus on finishing in 2010 so they all suggested Sleeping Beauty as she is mostly done so I have added about 1200 stitches to her blanket over the weekend:
Before the weekend:
Sleeping Beauty 11th Jan

Sleeping Beauty,mirabilia

Sleeping Beauty,mirabilia

Also have to frog the Papillon Creations MSAL – Castles in the air. The Peacock is in the wrong place 😦

Mirabilia stitchalong and Cirque

Lots of stitching time today… its been raining and horrible, so stitched about 6-700 stitches on Mirabilia’s Sleeping Beauty:

Mirabilia,Sleeping Beauty

Basically filled in the bit under her arm.

Overall, this is how it looks:
Mirabilia,Sleeping Beauty

And finished the outside of the Dragon Opal Cirque:
Cirque des Cercles

Cirque des Cercles