I went to frog city

On IC Growth rings. I added an extra row in and it took me ages to find it.

But I have managed to get one of the rings almost done in the first colour. Just got to go through it with the grey now.

DMC Varigated floss is kind of annoying as it is long runs before it changes colours. so it doesn’t look as good as it could.



But I do like these colours anyway…


IC Growth Rings

Besides sorting out flosses onto bobbins and finding out I have multiples of colours in colours I don’t have any use for at the moment, I have managed to do some stitching.

Just about 100 stitches on my HAED- Doorway to the stars. Nothing exciting to look at yet…

And quite a bit on my Growth Rings:
IC Growth Rings 6.6

Lots of pale pink at the moment.

Ink Circles Growth Rings

IC Growth Rings 16.5

IC Growth Rings 16.5

IC Growth Rings 16.5