Been a while….

I finally picked up my stitching again… mostly because it calms me down when I am frustated. No pictures yet, but hopefully soon.

Between trying to organise a wedding and going back to university, this year has been very full on. I have 3 assignments due – 1 a week for 3 weeks, 2 are done, so one to go, and then I start my high school teaching placement.

As far as the wedding goes, I am getting frustrated with the caterer. We want to have an afternoon tea, not a meal, not cocktails, and apparently this is such a weird concept that it does not compute! They keep trying to give us cocktail menus, with desserts as an extra, which is just, well, NO! All I want is scones, jam and cream, and vanilla slice, and pavlova, but apparently weddings are supposed to be full meals and heavy… meh!/ end rant

I will try to post photos as soon as she stops looking like a checkerboard, and has more colours than black and red 😀

1 Comment

  1. rifestitch said,

    August 2, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    Hang in there! It will all come together 🙂 And stress stitching is how I get by sometimes 🙂

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