Mermaid, stash and floss toss…

Mermaid of the pearls – just a little bit more
mermaid of the pearls,mirabilia

My HDF order arrived finally – random flosses earmarked for certain projects:

And my floss toss (sans skin floss) for Waiting for Ships on Heaven Lee Creations Seascape blooms:



My order from HDF still hasn’t arrived. Its most distressing, especially considering my order from Silkweavers, that was posted 2 days later, arrived today. I guess the Snowpocalypse on the NE coast may have disrupted the mail… I bought a grab bag from silkweaver, which turned out to be more 28ct than anything, but hey, it gives me a selection of colours to play with, including 4 13×18 inch pieces to choose between for Nora Corbett’s Lily Pixie.

silkweaver grab bag

silkweaver mysteries

And a fat quarter of Starquest 28ct on jaszlyn fabric:

jaszlyn 28ct starquest

jaszlyn starquest fat quarter

I actually like this dyelot better than the official piece I deliberately bought… shame its 28ct. So much prefer 32ct.

Maybe the HDF will arrive tomorrow.

I pulled Mermaid of the pearls off the stand tonight for two reasons:
1. I actually wanted to make some decent progress on her fin and 2 handed stitching at this stage is SLOW for me
and 2. my mad cat was using the stand for target practice. I caught him leaping up and clawing the fabric. BAD CAT!!!
So anyway, here she is:
mermaid of the pearls,mirabilia

Her fin in real life is actually quite pale. For some reason it photographs really brightly.

I got bored…

With the over 1 skin… I have made a deal with myself that I will stitch one strand of skin and then can do some of her dress each time I stitch Fairy Queen, otherwise I will never get her done I think.

fairy queen

I stitched some more Sleeping Beauty as well. With Mirabilia patterns she has a very specific way of setting out her colours and so once you work out what she is doing where, they become very easy to stitch. I got about 2-3 times the amount of stitching done on Sleeping Beauty as I did on Fairy Queen because of this…

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty

And just for fun, while I am waiting for them to arrive, some of the colours I am getting from Enchanted fabrics
violet splendor flair

ocean depths flair

ocean depths mystique

hocus pocus flair

fairy twilight

cotton candy mystique

black orchid flair


I will post real photos when they arrive in 6 weeks-2months time 😀

Mermaids and things…

The majority of my order arrived from 123-stitch the other day. I have to put in the order for the metallics for Shimmering Mermaid and then they are pretty much kitted up and ready to go.


This has been split up in Titania, Mermaid of the Pearls (which is waiting for one lot of metallics on back order), Lilly of the woods (waiting for the flower beads on backorder), Midsummers Night Fairy, Waiting for Ships, and Shimmering Mermaid sans metallics (I am really not sure how I missed them!!!).

Now I just need to decide on which fabrics from Enchanted fabric for these.

But before that, the mermaids- all the little x’s are done!!!
Mermaids of the deep blue,mirabilia

mermaids of the deep blue,mirabilia

Tomorrow backstitch and beading.

I am going to choose Waiting for Ships for my next start.

I am tossing up whether to stitch her on:

Or SeaScape

I think she would look good on either. SeaScape is a fat half though, so I am considering leaving it whole just in case I decide there is something big I want to stitch on it… but I am not sure…

Still stitching the mermaids

I put about 150-200 stitches in mermaid 2 of metallic floss… its so pretty but I have to remember to cut shorter lengths. The tails now meet 😀 I had a bit of a panic as I thought I had a missing row or extra row on one of the mermaids and then realised I had miscounted. Silly! They line up so its all good.

Order is in for the beads and metallics that were missing for the miras that I posted yesterday.

My list of definite fabrics from Enchanted Fabrics has been decided I think. I was going to join her monthly program for a year, however, as she is closing I can’t do that any more, so I am going to get my 11 or 12 pieces instead. As well as the colour I listed last night my definite colours that I want are:
Abyss (mystique) (midsummer Night’s Dream)
cotton candy (flair) (Mermaid of the pearls)
Dragon’s mist (painted)
Fall folliage (painted)
Hocus Pocus (flair)
Ocean Depths (mystique) (Waiting for ships?)
Spring meadow (painted) (titania maybe?)
Summer glade (painted)

the ones I am tossing up for the other 3 are
Fairy Twilight (painted)
margarita (flair)
Violet Splendor (flair) (shimmering Mermaid)
Amethyst Daze (flair)
Berrylicious (flair)

Queen of fairies… wings are growing…

Queen of fairies,passione ricamo

wings queen of fairies

passione ricamo,queen of fairies

Silkweaver Star Quest





Framed and fabulous :D

Firstly the new stash:
Silk D-bag

And some of the threads for Chatelaine’s Misty Morning Vineyard:

Shimmering Mermaid, and Seascape linen from heaven Lee Creations (why can’t people on eBay list they smoke? I am going to have to wash this!)


And finally, Stargazer Framed:

framed finished stargazer

More shiny stuff… stars this time




mermaids of the deep blue

And some more stash- half a yard of 32ct linen, half a yard of 40ct linen, and various spools of silk:



Cirque des Carreaux update

I have been rather ambivalent about stitching at the moment… I want to stitch something but keep getting distracted after 10 or so stitches.. However tonight I finally did another diamond in CdCx:

Cirque de Carreaux,cirque des Carreaux

cirque des Carreaux

My patterns arrived from the superduper sale, as I said:



Just a little bit more…

So Stargazer is going slowly. I did about 2 hours stitching on her:



A LNS/general craft sewing store turns one this week and was having a big sale – so 50c skeins of wool

Its uneven weave and I plan to make squares and sew it into a lap rug.

and $5 Dolly Mama patterns which I really didn’t need but are so cute:

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