Another bit of Water Goddess done… I am up to some BLUE!

water goddess,joan elliot


A bit of purple…

Her skirt is growing…. now I have just got to work out where i put the skeins of the lighter two purples. I think they *might* be in with Mermaid of the Pearls…

water goddess,joan elliot

Finally photos…

I should have finished this much Friday… oh well… it has been a busy weekend πŸ˜€

water goddess,joan elliot

water goddess,joan elliot

Doing the gold meant I picked up stitches I had missed around the border which was fiddly but it is good they are done πŸ˜€

My other focus piece this month…

I switched back to Water Goddess to take a break from pinks and such… Not much more done, but progress is progress… will be nice when life gets back to normal… maybe next month???

water goddess,joan elliot

watergoddess,joan elliot

Please excuse the rumpled fabric πŸ˜€

I haven’t seen water goddess finished by anyone else yet, but someone has finished fire goddess, and she looks FANTASTIC!

Water Goddess

Just a little more skirt:

water goddess,joan elliot

watergoddess,joan elliot

Dyes and Water Goddess

I have two new colours that I think should be official colours – one I am calling “Bubblegum” as it reminds me of these multicoloured bubblegum ice-creams we got as kids, and the other Is Midsummer’s Night.

Bubblegum was an impulse colour and style of dyeing that I hadn’t tried before but I think is repeatable and lovely – I have completely changed my mind and I think I will use it for Titania.
experiments in dyeing

experiments in dyeing

Midsummer’s Night is inspired by late twilight on Midsummer’s eve where the colours blend from violet to blue to inky black. It is also inspired as a possible colour for Mirabilia’s Midsummer’s night fairy – so the partial floss toss is below. Now I know I have all the colours of kreiniks and dmc for midsummer, but apparently they aren’t in her kit for some reason…. Meh!
Same fabric, different lighting
experiments in dyeing

experiments in dyeing

midsummer floss toss

I think the photo with the floss toss is actually truest to life!

And finally, my Water Goddess update:

First page mostly done

For June I had four goals… I ended up only doing two of them… oh well… so first goal was to complete Cirque des Carreaux, which is done.

Second goal was to finish completely the first page of Water Goddess, which I managed to get pretty much done tonight – there are a few beads missing as they swirl onto another page, and a dragonfly which is counted from the beads left to do, but once I get the bottom page done they won’t take long to do.


Third goal was to get the border done on Misty Morning Vineyard – only put in about 100 stitches on that – so still progressing but not that fast, and finally goal was to stitch the wings on Lily – which didn’t get done. Again I think I progressed on her but only added about 100-200 stitches overall.

Books and books…

I just requested 3 Joan Elliot books from the library – A Cross Stitcher’s Oriental Odyssey, A Women’s World in Cross stitch, and Bewitching Cross Stitch.

There is at least one design I want to look at in all of them.
In “A Women’s World in Cross Stitch” there is the Sea Goddess:
Sea Goddess

Oriental Odyssey has three ladies that are very pretty:
Oriental Grace

Oriental Beauty

Oriental Wisdom

I have seen some cute little designs from Bewitching Cross stitch, so no photos of big designs.

I was also contemplating a few of her kits – not in a hurry to buy them but I really like
Garden Geisha:
Joan Elliot Blue Geisha
(nothing like my continuing aqua and purple addiction!!!)
Rose Lady:
Rose Lady

Beading Water Goddess

Gosh there are quite a few scattered beads…

Overall I have done almost all of the top right hand page, plus a bit extra:
watergoddess,joan elliot

watergoddess,joan elliot

Close up of some of the backstitch:
watergoddess,joan elliot

watergoddess,joan elliot

watergoddess,joan elliot

Backstitch on her corset:
watergoddess,joan elliot

A face… a face… with dark purple eye shadow…

So she no longer looks evil, just a little snooty!

(which I suppose is okay for a goddess :D)
water goddess,joan elliot

water goddess,joan elliot

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