New and old

I have still been working on Mari and she is slowly progressing. I have somehow managed to crease my working copy of the chart almost beyond readable, so I may have to make a new copy. So here she is so far:


For my birthday my fiance asked me what I would like. I had just found an awesome designer who does a lot of fan cross stitch, so he very kindly bought me the Harry Potter sampler. You can just see Ron’s hair here. It is quite large – 205x 516, and has the important characters and things from each of the 7 years.


And the awesome sparkles in the HP logo. This was  pain and took me three goes to get to work *mostly* how it was supposed to. (FROGGING – rippit, rippit!).  I used blending filament that I had on hand, which is not a favourite thing. img_0676