Inspiration and organisation

Sometimes you just have to get organised to get inspired I think. Your look at a piece of hand dyed fabric and think “that will be perfect for xxx” and suddenly that is what you want to stitch.

What brings this on you may ask… Well, I got sick of going through bags of floss to find one specific colour that I haven’t yet wound onto a bobbin or is currently in use in another project, so tonight I sat down with my floss and sorted… And sorted. I still have to do my Venus threads, but my Anchor and DMC is now in labeled ziplock bags. I have so much brand loyalty for floss. The only ones I don’t particularly like are Sullivan brand floss. 
It entertained me how much the coloured dyes vary how the skeins felt. It was like -soft, soft, smooth, rough. Can’t be helped, some dyes are not as nice as others.

Of course, I decided to take pictures.

This is all my Anchor floss in numerical order.

Dmc sorted into numerical order – with an awful lot of 310!!!

I know these aren’t ideal bags, but these threads have been sitting in the shopping bags they came in and I figured these couldn’t be worse.

I did an order a while ago- the government here is threatening to charge gst on any packages above $20 value. I bought the Raven Queen and the six Bewitching Pixies and all their beads and specialty threads.

I asked my sister which one I should start first (my holiday project -17 days off work, yay!), and she chose either Ana or Luna. I pulled the threads, and some fabric, and Ana it will be!

The fabric is big enough for two pixies, so I will do Ana and Luna side by side I think 

The fabric has enough variation in it for both of them, I think. I will just have to make sure I stitch them both on the sides I have chosen.


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  1. September 13, 2015 at 10:09 pm

    I use an app to keep track of everything – stash cache – there’s details on my blog 🙂 it’s sooo sooo helpful.

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