Longish time no post….

Hi all,

Life has been getting in the way stitching again… But that is okay. I have temporarily been kicked out of my stitching chair as people are visiting from interstate and we only have three single person couches, and I don’t stitch much if I am sitting on the floor.

That said, I have started Ink Circles Cirque de Coeurs. It is on 40ct white in BeCherished by HDF. Lovely red hearts will soon be appearing everywhere. Photos will follow.

Everything I need has arrived for Serengeti and Sleeping Beauty Mandalas. I bought 28ct white linen for Serengeti as I looked at the over 1 stitching and went “not on 32ct again, especially after Egypt not progressing due to the over 1 fishies… ” Sleeping Beauty might be done on some interesting fabric… but I am not sure yet. I have to think about it.

I am still trying convince myself I don’t need more kits, or projects. I have half made that my motivator – if I do 10 lots of 30 minutes of exercise then I can put a set amount towards buying a project. However I haven’t worked out whether that will be $20,$50, or $80 yet. I am thinking $50.

Anyways, hope all my stitch-y friends are stitching away, and enjoying their lives.

Stay healthy and happy with the holiday season!



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