An itty bitty bit more…



A big receipt…

One of the local shops had 40% off store wide so I went a little mad and bought the required dmc for two of the Heaven and Earth Designs – Minerva’s Melody and Libra both by Josephine Wall. Minus about three colors the receipt ended up being 2.5 metres long…


New again


Keslyn’s Itty Bitty in Hdf. There are 16 motifs and I was considering stitching them as biscornus but changed my mind… They are on 18 ct.

Start of Cirque des Coeurs


I started this one with 40ct white linen and HDF BeCherished. I wasn’t going to start anything new but oh well…

I want to start Serengeti. I bought 28ct linen for it because of all the over 1.

Longish time no post….

Hi all,

Life has been getting in the way stitching again… But that is okay. I have temporarily been kicked out of my stitching chair as people are visiting from interstate and we only have three single person couches, and I don’t stitch much if I am sitting on the floor.

That said, I have started Ink Circles Cirque de Coeurs. It is on 40ct white in BeCherished by HDF. Lovely red hearts will soon be appearing everywhere. Photos will follow.

Everything I need has arrived for Serengeti and Sleeping Beauty Mandalas. I bought 28ct white linen for Serengeti as I looked at the over 1 stitching and went “not on 32ct again, especially after Egypt not progressing due to the over 1 fishies… ” Sleeping Beauty might be done on some interesting fabric… but I am not sure yet. I have to think about it.

I am still trying convince myself I don’t need more kits, or projects. I have half made that my motivator – if I do 10 lots of 30 minutes of exercise then I can put a set amount towards buying a project. However I haven’t worked out whether that will be $20,$50, or $80 yet. I am thinking $50.

Anyways, hope all my stitch-y friends are stitching away, and enjoying their lives.

Stay healthy and happy with the holiday season!