Okay, so 2012 was not a good year for stitching. Lots of changes in my life happened these past two years, mostly for the better I think.

I am moving house yet again, which will have pros and cons (cons being absolutely no storage as yet for my cross stitching stuff- this will happen as we are going to buy LOTS of shelves – my idea is basic BILLY shelves from Ikea, especially now they have the 39cm deep shelves, which will hold an immense amount of stuff, and I will be back to living an hour away from work, but will be living with the SO, so won’t have to travel an hour to see him).

Anyway, I want to set some basic goals to get me back to stitching:
1. Titania must be finished this year. She is sitting lacking a head and wings for almost 12 months, and this must be remedied.
2. Chatelaine – any chatelaine….
3. Air Goddess
4. Something small and travel friendly.
5. DYE some fabric and try to source some true black dye (not blue black)

Anyway, hope everyone has had a great 2012 and a nice start to the new year. Best wishes and Happy Stitches!!!


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