I really need to start dyeing again

I have two things that I need to dye, plus I just looked as Silkweavers website and realised that the solos that they have up that I like I could dye, and it would be on the fabric I want… I seriously prefer 32ct if I have a choice…

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  1. Karen Lee said,

    May 19, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    Hey I have Silkweaver scoop since I live 5 mins away from Needleworker’s Delight (sole US Zweigart distributor) who took over Silkweaver. I have picked up fabrics from there several times and talk to the owner whenever I go there. He has had problems with filling Silkweaver orders due to delays from Tracy (the original Silkweaver dyer). He found out Tracy isn’t even dying anymore, is doing some other web endeavor, and has her family dye the fabrics “when they have time”, which is a breach of contract because she is supposed to do the dying herself. In response to this, Needleworker’s Delight is renovating their office space to accommodate all the equipment to dye Silkweaver fabrics themselves. They have all the color recipes from Tracy from when they took over Silkweaver. Anyway the reason I am telling you this story is it’s questionable what the future Silkweaver color quality will be like when Tracy isn’t dying them anymore. It may go downhill, and you may be way better off dying them yourself, which you’re probably better off doing anyway. -Karen

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