Still here

I will post photos of fire goddess when I get her left hand shoulder done.

Anyway, Joan Elliott’s Blog is full of fun stuff – firstly she has a new book/magazine of designs out. It has a heap of her big designs and works out to be about $19Au, including post from the UK. It can be ordered here.

Secondly, she is having a contest for Christmas suggestions. Being born and bred Aussie, I don’t do much with normal Christmas designs as they don’t mean Christmas to me. Here it is the middle of summer – so snow, reindeer, and such is a foreign concept (I have had one cold Christmas ever in my life). My suggestion was Santa with his white boomers (male kangaroos) racing across the Aussie skyline – such as Uluru (Ayers Rock). It could be amusing and different at least. Very regional though! Not something that you would see or associate with Christmas in most parts of the world, but anyway.

I have also been looking everywhere for my pattern for Air Goddess. She is gorgeous and I was actually going to start stitching her before Fire Goddess, but I couldn’t find her… So, tonight I had a brain wave about where I could have put it. The cat is notoriously good at ripping up anything paper or paper like, so in a fit of brilliance I put it on a bookshelf under some things so he couldn’t destroy it… problem solved!!