Things have come to a halt with Water Goddess… I need about 3m more of Kreinik 194…. sigh…

Will have to order it…


I pulled out Lily,
lily,nora corbett
who I hadn’t stitched for a while, and realised that I can’t find my skeins of 948 and 754… which for Nora Corbett/Mirabilia designs, is the skin colours!

I know I have about 4 skeins of 948… but do you think I can find one of them???

That said, she has progressed… pictures will follow 😀

Here she is again…

Basically all the cotton stitching is done, besides backstitch… now for the metallics and beads… and there are a lot of those

watergoddess,joan elliott

watergoddess,joan elliott

watergoddess,joan elliott

A bit

Thanks for all your comments. It is good to be back
stitching. I have almost finished the stitching on her skirt which
is nice. Have the lilypads and then all the metallics to go though.
The metallics may take a bit of patience! Then her hair and the
moon. I guess the end is in sight finally:)

Finally an update…

Watergoddess is almost done. A little bit more skirt, the lily pad, and then all the metallics…


watergoddess,joan elliott

I am still alive. We finally have internet connected… that was a slow process.