As a few people voted…

I did a bit more on Misty Morning Vineyard. I will put up photos when this border is completely done. It is nice the pattern is in layers, and is easy to divide into sections 😀

Anyway, my conversion Caron Waterlilies and thread gatherer into HDF silks:
Vintage violets – I am using Victorian Mauve, but think Velvet Masquerade would work better
Latte – Rue the night
meadow grass – underbelly
wintered lavender – used the DMC conversion into lilac mist 2131
Pudding Mill lane – Wisteria
Cherry Cordial – haven’t used it yet but either jam’n’bread or brown rust (similar tones, but one is darker than the other)
cedar -wattle’n’daub
fir – old maid of the forest
black forest – hearth stone
cocoa – kodiakery

I also used a mystery skein for one of the colours, and haven’t made the final decision for the remaining colours – whether to use the DMC conversion, or my own eyeballed conversion into one of the HDF silks. I will decide when I get to those last few colours.


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