Been away…

And didn’t take any stitching with me…

Spent yesterday trying to get my floss in some kind of order. Put about 150-200 skeins on bobbins and have about the same to do again. Way, way too many skeins… but you know, no matter how many skeins I have, there are still colours missing… and it is always the colour I *need* to finish kitting up a chart….

I started Fairy of Dreams by Passione Ricamo. Not enough done yet to bother with a photo. I really didn’t need another WiP, but she was calling me…


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  1. Anka said,

    October 31, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    sounds familiar – never the right color thread to kit a project but yet a whole stash of ready to stitch kit’s waiting :o)
    So you really had a “wind-down” sort of day – haha

    Have you worked on your Misty Vineyard lately? Question, what background fabric did you use for that?

    Happy Stitching :o)

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