A challenge…

My books arrived from the library. There are some very pretty patterns, but I haven’t stitched tonight as I was playing with dyes and reading a novel.

Anyway, that is not the challenge.

I am learning to dye. Anyone that reads this blog would have seen the posts about that. I am using all Procion MX type dyes, which are colourfast and lightfast.

I am hand dyeing individual pieces for people at the moment, and to get some more colour combinations going, I have decided to ask if anyone wants to participate in challenging me with a colour combination they want to stitch on.

So the deal could be:
I dye and post at cost price
People send me WiP pics to post on my blog
If you finish a WiP within 12 months, I will dye a piece the same size at half price for you.

Would anyone be interested?

Tonight I have been dyeing a piece of linen with grey-purple, grey and grey blue. I like the colour and will use it I think if it doesn’t turn out quite right. Will post pictures tomorrow.

Also I am going to call my one off hand dyes Lonely O.A.K (lonely one of a kinds), and Twin O.A.Ks if there are two similar. I think I am silly!!!


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  1. Hev said,

    July 6, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    Oh, I actually managed to find a Oriental Odyssey book on ebay & bought it. So if you run out of time on that one, just send me the page numbers & I’ll send you the pages.

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