No stitching…

But I am working on a colour for a version of Midsummer’s Night Fairy. I think it needs a tad more mauve and it will be pretty much the colour I envisioned. This lot of dyes is new and a little odd. The black when you first mix it up looks navy, but dyes black and grey quite well. It is a bit problematic though as the colour it is when you paint it on blends well with the blue, so at the moment these samples probably have a tiny bit too much grey in them for me. I actually think this would be a nice subtle colour for Stargazer too, looking at the floss colours for Midsummer. They are quite similar… but I have stitched her already!

There are more photos in my album on photobucket – click a photo to be linked but…
Indoor lighting (yellow light)
dyeing trials

Fluro lighting (white light)
two samples fluro light

Floss toss sample 1:
sample 1 floss toss

The dark blue colour sort of in the middle is DMC 924. It looks true to life on my screen.

Floss toss sample 2:
sample 2 floss toss


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