Water Goddess – slightly more done :D

Her hands were a nightmare to stitch – they aren’t backstitched yet so they look like a pigs breakfast or something at the moment:
water goddess,joan elliot

I went and bought a skein of DMC 505 so I filled in the green bit. This skein really didn’t want to be in my house. It fell on the ground as I was coming in so had to go out with my trusty maglite torch to find it.

Spotlight is so annoying. I haven’t been there in about 2 weeks and they have gotten rid of the kreiniks – which isn’t a huge issue as they only stocked blending filament, only have the plain and antique Mill HIll beads now, and the whole range of Anchor floss has GONE. I walked in there and it was kind of like where is everything????. At least they still have DMC… but I guess the question is, for how long?