It never rains but it pours!!

So I have been rather impatiently waiting for my packets to arrive from the USA and I am so glad I ordered them before the dollar started to take its swan dive… and they arrived today 😀

So I bought another 7 spools from the spool forum at HDF – all custom colour- 2 each of 2467/2441/2425, 2465/2155/2319, 2469/2413/1371 and one of 1431/1413/2113. – these are in reverse order – sorry!


Some stitched samples of them all:
stitched sample alternate lighting


sample 2469/2413/1371 and 1431/1413/2113


My first 10 skeins for Chatelaine’s Watergarden:

watergarden skeins

And my order from Froggy stitcher – a heap of kreiniks that I didn’t photo and Chatelaine Egyptian Garden and 3 of the dinky dye’s silks that go with it:
egyptian garden

Shakespeare’s Fairies, Mediterranean Mermaid, and from the UK the Cross Stitch Collection that I backordered.

Just a little more on Misty Morning Vineyard:
misty morning vineyard

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