No stitching…

Tired enough to think I will make mistakes…meh…

Anyway, I was asked on one of the forums I read where I buy everything from. And the list grew and grew and grew.

I source patterns, fabrics and floss (both silk and cotton) from a variety of locations. I think most of them are in the sidebar, but some are probably missing.

However, once I started writing them out, I realised how randomly I choose places to buy from. Some are because of recommendations, some because they are the only place online to buy what I want, and some are just randomly finding them on the internet.

Plus there is the ever present eBay. Which reminds me, I am trying to work out where this pattern is from? Style wise it reminds me of Joan Elliot, and I have a feeling that it may be from and old cross stitch magazine. I don’t want to buy the kit, but I do want the pattern…. sigh… probably won’t happen though 😦

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  1. Hev said,

    April 27, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    Post the chart question on the community. That is how I normally find out. It does look like a Joan Elliot. Have you asked her if it is hers? I know I use your resources for my searching, but then I want to steal half of your stash, lol.

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