No photos… just thinking….

I finally printed out my Wiehenburg Sampler for the competition, and am contemplating colours.
As far as fabric goes, I think minimally mottled is the way to go, but the question is bright or neutral. With the right colour floss both would work. I think I will stitch it on 35ct linen which I have in
-chocolate brown
– dark tan
– terracotta
– bright pink
– light pink
– black overdyed green (Black with very subtle dark green highlights)

Probably not the best descriptions of the colours, but still… The most neutral are the dark tan and the light pink. And the black is awesome…Then I have to pick floss colours… And work out if I want to add beads or anything. Decisions, decisions.

Language of the Flowers is a completely different style to anything I have stitched recently. Its very stylised, and I really like it. The colours are so intense, and I think the faded black of R&R Ink Spot really does suit it.

In the meanwhile I should really keep working on waiting for ships. She, and Cirque des Carreaux are my two pieces closest to completion at the moment…


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