Hands… shells… Arms… they are mostly there now…

waiting for ships,mirabilia

Its really interesting the texture of stitches in cotton versus silk. Silk stitches stay feeling soft, whereas cotton closely stiched gets almost a dense, leathery feel to it. There is a definite tactile difference between the silk and cotton stitches.

Just the shoulders, neck, hair and backstitching to go before I get to beading her 😀

No stitching…

Tired enough to think I will make mistakes…meh…

Anyway, I was asked on one of the forums I read where I buy everything from. And the list grew and grew and grew.

I source patterns, fabrics and floss (both silk and cotton) from a variety of locations. I think most of them are in the sidebar, but some are probably missing.

However, once I started writing them out, I realised how randomly I choose places to buy from. Some are because of recommendations, some because they are the only place online to buy what I want, and some are just randomly finding them on the internet.

Plus there is the ever present eBay. Which reminds me, I am trying to work out where this pattern is from? Style wise it reminds me of Joan Elliot, and I have a feeling that it may be from and old cross stitch magazine. I don’t want to buy the kit, but I do want the pattern…. sigh… probably won’t happen though 😦

Just a little more…

waiting for ships,mirabilia

I feel like I might be getting a cold… sigh…

I have been on a bit of a mad spool ordering from HDF – custom colours themed around her Jadeite (which I adore – its the colour in Dragon Opal that I used for my Cirque Des Cercles that is finished). I have been tossing up what to stitch with it when it gets here. I was thinking a spot sampler of some description, but then I came across the Quaker Seasons of Friendship which is huge but gorgeous. I think it has enough motifs to use a variety of jadeite based colours. Now this may change, but it may be the way I go…

Sha has hands…

waiting for ships,mirabilia

waiting for ships,mirabilia

Random photos…

So firstly, Misty Morning Vineyard, HDF conversion, with the RG petite braids:
misty morning vineyard

Close up of the Eyelet
misty morning vineyard

misty morning vineyard

Language of the Flowers:
language of the flowers

And… a Butterfly! This is the competition Sampler
competition sampler

The needles are being donated to the sofa…

I keep losing needles. I think one day I will end up with a pile that have worked their way through the sofa to the floor…

Will take some photos soon. Have done a bit more Language of the flowers, started the competition sampler ( a butterfly is DONE!), and stitched some of the sparkles in Misty Morning Vineyard. I feel like nothing is progressing fast, but its probably because I am doing lots of little bits…

Must get back to Waiting for Ships. I want to get her DONE and out of the house 😀

Watergarden beads are amazing! Lots of them. Misty Morning Vineyard beads and metallics have arrived too.

Started the competition sampler. A butterfly is half done.

Also been sorting silks onto project cards for the language of the flowers.

Online needlework show freebies

No photos… just thinking….

I finally printed out my Wiehenburg Sampler for the competition, and am contemplating colours.
As far as fabric goes, I think minimally mottled is the way to go, but the question is bright or neutral. With the right colour floss both would work. I think I will stitch it on 35ct linen which I have in
-chocolate brown
– dark tan
– terracotta
– bright pink
– light pink
– black overdyed green (Black with very subtle dark green highlights)

Probably not the best descriptions of the colours, but still… The most neutral are the dark tan and the light pink. And the black is awesome…Then I have to pick floss colours… And work out if I want to add beads or anything. Decisions, decisions.

Language of the Flowers is a completely different style to anything I have stitched recently. Its very stylised, and I really like it. The colours are so intense, and I think the faded black of R&R Ink Spot really does suit it.

In the meanwhile I should really keep working on waiting for ships. She, and Cirque des Carreaux are my two pieces closest to completion at the moment…

As promised…

Waiting for ships – finally up to DMC – her skin:
waiting for ships 13.4.10

And because I am insane and really, really needed a new start Rosewood Manor’s Language of the Flowers on Ink Spot 40ct Linen by R&R
language of the flowers start

I received my HDF order – said silks for RM Language of the Flowers, minis – regular and perles, and some random skeins to finish off kitting up Chatelaine MMV:

RM LoTF floss/start

random colours

And from the sale on the other week, a few more charts – I really like Keslyn’s Itty Bitties. They are so cute
IC FQP and Keslyns Itty Bitties

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