EF order is done :D

I put in my order this morning after much frustration with it not liking my credit card for some weird reason. In the end I got way too much, but I am going to love stitching it all so I don’t care…

I have Violet Splendor Flair 16ct for Shimmering Mermaid
Black Orchid flair opal 32ct lugana for Titania
Abyss possibly for Midsummer’s night fairy (will do a floss toss when it arrives)
32ct Ocean Depths Mystique jobelan and 16ct aida flair possibly for Mermaid of the pearls – I will work that one out when it comes – even though it has the same name the flair and mystique are quite different colours, especially on the different fabrics.

I am thinking that almost all my mermaids may end up on 16ct. I really don’t mind stitching on aida. Some people start using linens and evenweaves and never look back, but I like everything bar 14ct aida, and to a degree 28ct…I will stitch on it, but I really like the smaller stitches…

I bought some hocus pocus 16ct as well – I am thinking maybe Shakespeare’s fairies if I ever get around to buying them. I really like them. And some random other colours. I figure if I decide I don’t like them, they can go on eBay or be swapped at some stage for other things.

So no more fabric needs to be bought for next millenium I think!!!


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