Mermaids and things…

The majority of my order arrived from 123-stitch the other day. I have to put in the order for the metallics for Shimmering Mermaid and then they are pretty much kitted up and ready to go.


This has been split up in Titania, Mermaid of the Pearls (which is waiting for one lot of metallics on back order), Lilly of the woods (waiting for the flower beads on backorder), Midsummers Night Fairy, Waiting for Ships, and Shimmering Mermaid sans metallics (I am really not sure how I missed them!!!).

Now I just need to decide on which fabrics from Enchanted fabric for these.

But before that, the mermaids- all the little x’s are done!!!
Mermaids of the deep blue,mirabilia

mermaids of the deep blue,mirabilia

Tomorrow backstitch and beading.

I am going to choose Waiting for Ships for my next start.

I am tossing up whether to stitch her on:

Or SeaScape

I think she would look good on either. SeaScape is a fat half though, so I am considering leaving it whole just in case I decide there is something big I want to stitch on it… but I am not sure…


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