I have done absolutely no stitching

These past two evenings… today I was thinking about pulling out my HAED – Doorway to the stars but it didn’t happen.

Instead, I was back contemplating colours that I wanted from Enchanted Fabrics seeing as it is reopening on the 17th for 2 weeks, and starting to think about what I want to stitch while I take a week and a half off work…I am having a stay at home holiday, not so I can get some stitching done, but stitching will get done.

I want to set myself a bit of a goal for that time – finishing Mermaids is one – that shouldn’t take long now, and I probably can get most of one of the tails done over the weekend… Maybe get them finished before then…

I also want to do some more stitching on Cirque des Carreaux… its half done. I really like my colour combo and haven’t stitched on it for a while.

I also need to finish frogging my Papillion Creations MSAL and catch up. Actually that might be my first goal. I am far, far behind because of one silly mistake. Mind you, the next parts aren’t very big, so they shouldn’t require *that* much to catch up. I just hate frogging!!!

So my temporary goals are
1. Catch up PC MSAL
2. Finish Mermaids of the Deep Blue
3. At least 3 motifs/ diamonds on CdCx.
4. Frog the spot sampler and restitch
5. Aim to add at least 500 stitches to Sleeping Beauty.

Once the Mermaids are done, I am allowed to start something else. Most of the things I really want to start are on hold until I get my fabrics from EF, but I am sure I can work out one. I have a piece of Silkweaver Starquest, which isn’t earmarked for anything and I have been contemplating what to stitch on it.

Okay, what should I do as my next new start:
a) Papillion Creations Scherezade
b) Chatelaine Misty Morning Vineyard
c) Passione Ricamo My Lady of the Snow
d) Papillion Creations Years End
e) Mirabilia (on starquest lugana or Heaven Lee Creations SeaScape)-One of the following Mermaid of the Pearls, Waiting for Ships, Titania – I think WFS might look awesome on the seascape.
f) None of the above and keep working on your WiPs!

On another note, I was really hoping the post would be really kind to me and deliver my order from 123-stitch today, but it has only been 6 days, so I can’t expect miracles!

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