Framed and fabulous :D

Firstly the new stash:
Silk D-bag

And some of the threads for Chatelaine’s Misty Morning Vineyard:

Shimmering Mermaid, and Seascape linen from heaven Lee Creations (why can’t people on eBay list they smoke? I am going to have to wash this!)


And finally, Stargazer Framed:

framed finished stargazer


First mermaid is getting done :D

mermaids of the deep blue,mirabilia

From a brochure I found online :D

When does a w.I.P. become
a U.F.O.?
It starts out as a WHIMM (work
hidden in my mind). After I buy
fabric, it becomes a PIG (project
in a grocery bag). The PIG
becomes a HSY (haven’t started
yet). Once you have a HSY-fit
and begin work, it becomes a
WIP (work in progress). The
WIP becomes a UFO (unfulfilled
opportunity) as soon as some
other project grabs and holds
your attention more than the
project that was the WIP.

Sleeping beauty… 80 rows and a million roses to go…

After a mammoth stitching session today, I have done about 2/3 now…minus roses…

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty

Then their is a mammoth number of beads afterwards… sigh

But worth it!

More Sleeping Beauty :D

Sleeping Beauty,Mirabilia

Sleeping Beauty,mirabilia

She has a pillow and a sleeve now 😀

I feel silly…

I made the most stupid mistake so my Spot sampler is soon to be frog city 😦 Just added one extra row of stitches in and so it is all miscounted now. I will have to frog it…


I asked people what I should focus on finishing in 2010 so they all suggested Sleeping Beauty as she is mostly done so I have added about 1200 stitches to her blanket over the weekend:
Before the weekend:
Sleeping Beauty 11th Jan

Sleeping Beauty,mirabilia

Sleeping Beauty,mirabilia

Also have to frog the Papillon Creations MSAL – Castles in the air. The Peacock is in the wrong place 😦

Wiehenberg Mystery Sampler

Wiehenburg,mystery sampler

Wiehenburg,mystery sampler

New spots – Mystery colour – possibly Blackberry, Carribean reef, blue/purple mystery (not finished yet).