Just a little more Cirque

The bottom corner is done. Tiny little mistake – see if you can work out where. I quite like it.



I finally finished the first skein of my Paua Abalone – 1 over 2, 35ct.
CDC PA 27.5 first skein done

And did some more on my Dragon Opal version.
CDC DO 27.5

CDC DO 27.5

My fabric from Enchanted Fabrics arrived today – 36ct Smoky Haze, and 40ct white linen – fat quarters.
smoky haze and white

I am planning to stitch my Cirque Des Carreaux on the Smoky Haze

sample stitch on smoky haze

PC New world, IC Cirque des Triangles

I stitched a little of Papillon Creations New World tonight:

LOVE the colours for this so far.

And this is my CdT that I am in the process of frogging and starting again:
CDT to be frogged

The stitching is not lying smoothly and its so bulky.

I have restarted in the corner, with 1 strand:
CDT 1 strand

It isn’t as bright, but I like it anyway.

I am going to have to frog my Cirque de Triangles. I started it when I first started using HDF silks and I did the normal 2 threads on 35 count, and it is looks too thick and heavy, and as it shifts the threads of the linen, has made it hard to count. I trialled one strand, and it isn’t quite so vibrant, but it is easier and still looks gorgeous.

A very Cirque Sunday

I worked on the Cirques today. Paua Abalone and Dragon Opal floss from HDF.

Dragon Opal on 40ct Antique White.
Dragon opal CDC 24.5

CDC Dragon Opal 24.5

Paua Abalone on 35ct White


Paua Abaolon 24.5

Papillon Creations

Updates Heatwave:

heatwave 23.5

detail heatwave

New World:
PC New World 23.5

And another kit

new kit

I have a purple/ pale aqua thing going at the moment….

PC MSAL part 3

Is all done, sans beads:
PC MSAL Part 3 complete sans beads

PC MSAL Part 3 complete sans beads

PC MSAL Part 3 complete sans beads


It takes approximately 2- 2.5 hours to stitch one side once the outsides are done… mostly because of all the colour changes.

PC MSAL 20.5

PC MSAL 20.5

PC MSAL 20.5

Papillon Creation MSAL

I have managed to stitch two of the greens so far:

PC MSAL 2 colours done for may

My floss tosses for Papillon Creation Schereherezade
floss toss blue

floss toss tan

floss toss Pink

Other stash
New spools and OMG red (Poinsettia)

Silk spools

Today’s stuff….

I very carefully printed out Papillon Creations MSAL at work…

And promptly left it at work. So I have been stitching with the computer on my lap. Its such a gorgeous piece. Photos tomorrow when I get at least one side done. I am planning on stitching all the green and then doing the floral colours. One side I have finished 2 of the greens, the other 3 sides I have done a little bit on.

Chatelaine has a new SAL coming up in September. Its so pretty!

Its this one But I can’t justify spending $60 on a pattern…

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