Wish List

Final Post for today… I promise!!!

Papillon Creations:
New World
Heat Wave
Year’s End
Midnight Garden
Blossom Time

Ink Circles
Cirque de Carreaux

Who Knew?
Ocean Treasures
Oceans Daughter
Ocean Curiosity

Rosewood Manor
And a Forest Grew
And a Garden Grew

Whispered By The Wind
Spring Lace
Winter Lace

Gift vouchers for HDF
Gift Vouchers for Enchanted Fabrics or Silkweavers

Many more things, but not listing them tonight….

My current WiPs and WISPs

I have a huge lot of WiPs so to start off, here are the photos:

Mirabilia Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty 11th Jan
First Mirabilia ever – 14 count aida -bleh… but will finish it… as I have done so much!

Mirabilia Stargazer
Stargazer 29.3
Fabric – 32 count Lugana – Special dye

Mirabilia Winter Queen
Winter Queen 15.2.09

Mirabilia Blue Beards Princess (Mirabella)
Half the silks replaced by HDFs, my own choice of beads.

Mirabilia Cinderella
cindy 16/9
On 28ct Monaco, Enchanted Fabrics Dark Fury Flair

Ink Circles Growth Rings (From Just Cross Stitch Magazine)
GR 1.4
DMC 99 and 53 on 35ct over 2

Ink Circles Cirque de Cirque
CDC 1/4
In HDF Dragon Opal – 40ct over 2

Paua abalone cdc
In HDF Paua Abalone – 35ct over 2

Ink Circles Cirque de Triangles
CdT 19.2.9
HDF Russian Sage on HDF Green 35ct linen over 2 over 2

Papillon Creations MSAL:
PC MSAL part 1

HAED Doorway to the Stars (Josephine Wall)
1×1 on 22 count.

Misty Dreams The Well of My Desires:
well of my desires 25.2
1×1 22 count

Dragonfly Dinner
Dragonfly dreams 31.1
Semco kit on 14ct – needs to be frogged! The petal is wrong!

There are several UFOs as well… but that will be another post…

A(nother) cross stitching blog

I decided to start a blog today, to help me keep track of my cross stitch without boring the people out there who aren’t that interested in what I am stitching at the moment. It will mostly be a place for me to keep track of what I am doing and my progress on all the works in progresses and stash enhancements. Now to get the ball rolling… here is a list of common cross stitch abbreviations:

frogging – undoing stitches… “Rip-it! Rip-it!”

ripping – see frogging

stash – your personal needlework supplies

WIP – work in progress

WISP – work in slow progress

UFO – unfinished object; haven’t stitched it in a while & don’t plan on soon

LNS – local needlework shop


NSLNS = Not So Local Needlework Store

ONS = Online Needlework Store

RR = Round Robin

SAL – stitch-along, where two or more stitchers work on a design at the same time

HD or happy dance – announcing a finish to your friends, acquaintances, and/or a cross stitch bulletin board

S.E.X. – stash enhancement experience; needlework-related purchases. Must always be spelled with periods to avoid being listed on the “bad” web search engines!

SABLE – Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy

on the wagon – a period of time where one avoids any new acquisition of stash

StRIP – Stash Reduction Implementation Plan, usually done when SABLE has been achieved. Typically, no new purchases are allowed for a set amount of time and/or until a certain amount of stash is used up. A person who does this is a StRIPper. See on the wagon.

PRUDE – Person Resisting Unnecessarily Diminishing Existing stash, i.e. someone who refuses to StRIP.

BAP – Big arse project

BF- blending filament

RAK – random act of kindness (Usually to do with giving away stash to someone with or without them knowing :D)

Designers and Projects:

TIAG = told in a garden
HAED – Heaven and Earth Designs
CDC- Cirque de Cercles
CDCx= Cirque de Carreaux
CDT- Cirque de Triangles
BOINK- Book of ink circles
GK – golden Kite
HDF- Hand dyed fibers *sometimes referred to as VC HDF for Vikki Clayton*
SW- Silkweaver – fabric supplier
PTP- Picture this plus – fabric supplier
TW- Teresa Wentzler
AVAS=Au Ver A Soie (A brand of Silk fibers)
NPI= Needle Point Silk (A brand of Silk Fibers)
GAST=Gentle Art Sampler Threads (A Brand of overdye cotton Fibers, uses DMC base)
DFT=Danish Flower Thread (A particular type of cotton fiber)
WDW=Weeks Dye Works (A Brand of overdye cotton Fibers, uses DMC base)
TX=Threadworkx (A Brand of overdye cotton Fibers, uses DMC base)
NN=Needle Necessities (A Brand of overdye cotton Fibers, uses DMC base. Out of business. Can be exchanged exactly for TX.)
OWD=Old Willow Designs
ATS=And they Sinned (Chart by Examplar Dames. Its a HUGE BAP)
SMF=Sugar Maple Fabrics (Brand of Fabric, Out of Business)
LL=Lakeside Linens (Brand of Fabric)
R&R= R&R reproductions (Brand of Fabric)
CWC=Crossed Wing Collection (Brand of Fabric)
GA – gentle arts threads again
Mira – mirabilia designs
EF – Enchanted Fabrics